maggie's going for her CT scan tomorrow

NinapearlJuly 20, 2009

my corgi who has been experiencing nose bleeds is scheduled for a CT scan and rhinoscopy/biopsy wednesday at the university of illinois. we will head out early tomorrow, she is scheduled for her first appointment at 1 p.m. this will be a preliminary exam including blood work. the scan will be done wednesday morning.

i am hoping for some sort of diagnosis before we come home wednesday night although if a biopsy is done, i will have to wait several days. ideally, this will turn out to be a foreign object or possibly a stubborn fungal infection.

i am trying reeeeally hard to be positive but i'm a nervous wreck!! *sigh*

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Hopefully it is a weak blood vessel

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I am sending positive, healing thoughts to you and Maggie, Ninapearl. I hope it is nothing serious.

Keep us posted.


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I am keeping you and Maggie in my thoughts and prayers.


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thanks, everybody. i have a bad feeling about this. yesterday when i came home, i found bloody poo in the back room. maggie has a history of coccidia although the last 2 times this happened (this is the 3rd time in just 4-5 months), the fecal sample tested negative. now i am wondering if this is a cancer that has been spreading throughout her body.

if this proves to be the case, i will likely have her put down while she is under for the tests. i can't bear the thought of seeing her suffer. she has not felt well for the past few months although all of the usual tests have not been able to diagnose the problem. *sigh*

i will update when i can. thank you again for the thoughts and prayers, they are much appreciated.

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looks like i'll soon be getting the worst news possible. had the consult with the vets here looks like nasal cancer. the biopsy results won't be back till at least friday but the vets are pretty confident that this will be the diagnosis.

i'm just so sad. this, on top of my other corgi suffering DM, i will lose both of them within months of each other.

i was hoping to take maggie home today but they want to observe her for another 24 hours so we won't be going home till tomorrow. *sigh*

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I was hoping for better news. I am so sorry that you are going through all this. Will keep you and Maggie in our thoughts and prayers.

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shortly after we got home today, the vet called with biopsy results. it is nasal carcinoma, advanced. i will keep her comfortable for as long as i can and when she lets me know she has had enough, i will send her to her daddy who will welcome her with open arms.

i am so sad.

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We had been talking in the Grief forum.

I am so so sorry. I know there isn't anything to say that would possibly make this hurt any less.

Maggie has been as blessed to have you in her life as you have been blessed to have her. I know that you love her enough to do what's best when the time comes.

Thinking of you,


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hi kate, so nice of you to write and i sure do remember our visits in the grief forum.

thanks for your kind words. this news comes on the heels of my other corgi, simon, being presumptively diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. i will lose them both, probably within months of each other, if not sooner. my heart breaks but i also know they will be in good hands when they cross the bridge. they'll all be waiting for me when it's my turn and that gives me comfort.


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Love them while you can. Try not to let what will happen to Simon and Maggie get in the way of your day-to-day life with them. Grief will be waiting when they are gone; for now, live in the moment, as much as you can.

If there is anything better than the love of a dog, I'd sure like to hear about it.

Oh, nina, I know you will be brave and loving. If hands could reach across the internet, I would have mine stretched out to you, offering whatever small comfort I can.


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thanks, kate. i do love them passionately, i'm not sure i could love them any more than i do and i will continue until the day comes that i have to let them go and even then, i will never stop loving them. what is so hard is to think that they don't understand what is happening. maybe that is a blessing. *sigh*

thanks for your kind words.

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