LR Update/new glass tables, chair, one more thing???

jjamMarch 4, 2014

So many of you have been so helpful in getting my LR together.
I did decide to keep the new CL glass tables, and so the old one and the two barrel back cane chairs went to new happy owners on CL. So here is what is in place now:

I had planned to put a pair of Billy Bookshelves in the remaining corner and have them trimmed out with crown molding, etc. by a good carpenter who has done great work and is inexpensive. DH and DD both think it's a dumb idea and that they will look cheap even if they are trimmed out, etc.

In the other corner facing the couch I have a small grand piano, and one of the things I'd like to accomplish is to provide storage for music. I've got a lot of old scores that are bound attractively and have some history, etc.

I have been thinking about a free standing piece that might work for the same purpose. This came up on CL today, and the asking price is $250. It would go in the corner where there is just a lot of stuff sitting there now. I would probably place it on the short wall; facing the couch.

WDYT? Too much stuff?? The same two, DH and DD, tend to say things get too crowded if I have my way. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I like that piece, but I would set it across that corner, not flat against either wall. You can turn your wing chair so that it sits perpendicular to the sofa and parallel with the end of the coffee tables. Once you change the direction of the wing chair, you might like the floor lamp behind the wing chair on the side away from the sofa.

I'm glad you chose this direction. I didn't post on your earlier threads because I didn't really like the barrel chairs. I'm glad you were able to sell them.

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Thanks F2BH. Putting the piece in the corner may be the best place for it if I buy it. It is 31"w, 16 d. I haven't tried angling a piece that wide before but it could work.

I have also thought of using a corner cabinet there but my experience with them is that they hold almost nothing and would defeat the purpose of the piece. I do need storage for music and books.

I do love my new tables and the chair I have is so comfortable; I'm happy with the choice.

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No to the Billy Bookcases. Though I like them, they will look cheap in your room. As nice as that piece on CL is, your room is starting to look pretty chic, and that piece will look like a cast off.

I agree you need a tall shelving unit, but I think something in an iron finish or black finish to pick up the black frame of your chair and desk.

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Definitely keep the Corgi. :-)

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I agree with Beverly (and kees-lover about your adorable pup). That CL piece just doesn't look as if it fits with your beautiful room. I do like the ones she linked, but I also don't mind the open look you have now!

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No contest...the furniture piece wins handily against billy bookshelves.

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I also agree with Beverly. I had Billy bookcases customized for my DD's bedroom years ago--added a window seat and crown, etc. It looked great for a kids bedroom, but it would definitely look "cheap" in your space. Also, while I agree that the vintage bookcase is better than IKEA, I think you could do a lot better. I would suggest you keep looking.

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Your room looks perfect! You did a great job. I prefer the bookcase you have shown to a billy anyway of the week! However, I might prefer some of the others shown, which would go better with the room.

Cute pup!!!!

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Thanks all for your astute observations (including the canine variety!)

Some photos make the Billy's look amazing but I am so happy to hear of some experience IRL with them. I don't want anything that looks cheap, so they are out.

I may go look at the cabinet on CL but I can really picture the bookcase there now. They have some at Ballard Designs that look great in photos but their pricing seems way out of line. I'll keep looking.

If any of you have experience with bookcases thar are good quality, please share!

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You have a Corgi? Now I am completely distracted and need to know name, sex and age. Looks like my sable boy Rudy. I do notice that your upholstery, rug and floor colors are a perfect complement to the 24/7/365 shedding of Corgi fur!

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Yes, the photos show my best looking accessory; Paisley, our 6 year old corgi. She is like Mary Poppins; practically perfect in every way!

We've had three others; Sterling, Meg, Phoebe, and now Paisley.

Corgis are great dogs! Shedding is their only fault as far as I can tell; and some are better than others. Paisley sheds the least by far of any we have had; just lucky I think.

Back to the room; forgot to thank you, Beverly, for all the links. I'm seeing open shelving in that space more and more all the time thanks to you. I hadn't thought of black; mainly because my piano is black, although that wasn't in the photo. But maybe something with metal and wood would be nice. My guess is I'll be looking for awhile for the right piece. But that is never a bad idea.

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