Long threads with lots of photos - slow loading

LinelleMarch 23, 2013

Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a devilish time waiting for long threads with lots of photos to load, even though I look at them several times a day. To wit: Breezy's backsplash thread, which I'm following closely and which is very image-laden. I always want to jump to the end to read new posts and the darn thing will just lurch and scroll crazily until it's completely loaded. In fact, Command+down arrow seems to make it worse. I'm on a Mac, using Safari, and I'm not experiencing this on other image-rich sites.

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linelle-me too, exactly- on Safari, on a Mac. I assume this is a factor of this site?

It's still faster to load than ANYTHING on my ancient PC, though . . .

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I've been having the same issue on that thread using Chrome at home and IE at work. Breezy's thread seems much worse than other image-heavy threads in the past. The way it scrolls the screen as you're trying to read a message just because it finished loading a picture further up in the thread is crazy-making.

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PC with Firefox 20.0 & Chrome 25.0.x: It took about 3 seconds to load the entire thread, including pictures in both. So I don't think it's the site itself or even Chrome.

Could it be a Mac issue?

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I use a mac with Safari and GW threads and the pictures load immediately. My mac is about 5 years old. However, I find that if I have iphoto or itunes open, or heaven forbid both programs open, I will get that rainbow ball timer every time I try to work outside those programs but still have them open in background. I think its because these two programs eat up alot of your mac's memory to operate, especially if you have alot of photos, videos and music. That's my philospohy, not an expert. I'd love to fix this problem, but don't know where to begin.

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It could be a connection issue. I also use a mac and can get to the bottom of long threads in seconds. However, we just have a wireless connection, so if, for example, someone is watching youtube on another computer, my internet will be slower. If my DH is downloading something, I don't even bother.

Our new house is completely hardwired, so other computers using the network should have less of an effect.

Btw, I do use chrome as a browser on my macbook air.

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I think it would be your internet provider speed that will determine the speed of downloads.

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I think it 's a site / ad loading issue. I've noticed the page hanging with a reference to what looks like ads which aren't responding.

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dilly_ny "I will get that rainbow ball timer every time"-haha, me too on a 2GB years old MacBook. The Geniuses have said upgrade to Mountain Lion and buy and install more ram.

I do get some hang time uploading large threads but attribute it too the above.

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I'll weigh in here as well.

I use AOLwith Verizon wireless, which is quite slow.

One of my pet peeves is an OP who load their initial posts with literally 30-50 pics of befores and afters. That's different from posts that gradulally acquire lots of pice because the long, multi-poster threads grow over time and usually some of the images are stored on my cache.

But if you're an OP and think you need to display dozens of pictures, please park 'em on Photobucket so those of us with slower connections can have a hope of ever opening your thread. Because if the pages are too heavy they will time out before ever downloading.

The other annoying thing I sometimes see is people with fancy cameras with high quality "heavy" images that the poster doesn't bother to take the trouble to lighten up before posting. Multiple images with 600-800K each can stop a thread from loading as easily as too many pics.

There have been some popular threads that I have never been able to open at home simply because they are too picture-heavy.


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Another pet peeve I have is when people load their photos upside down or sideways. I wonder how that can be solved. I think it is coming from phone pictures, but not sure. Is there a solution that could be shared? I really hate turning my laptop over for a better look.

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my mac gets all rainbow-swirl-of-death on me if itunes or iphoto are open, and I find it speeds back up after a reboot if I've watched any video. reboot is so wonderfullly fast even on my 3+year old imac,

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