What really works for hairballs?

CassandraJuly 30, 2014

Can someone direct me to a product that really works so I don't merely waste money? So sick of this--it seems to happen nearly every day now.

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maybe olive oil on her food?

If she's puking up hairballs every day, there might be something really wrong, an impaction or some such.

I wish you the best.

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My long haired cat pukes a hairball at least once or twice a month. Very staining to the carpet!

He eats both dry and wet food. Hair ball formula dry food has never helped. I have bought expensive dry food (Blue Buffalo) and he still did it.

I asked the vet the last time he went several years ago and she had no good ideas.

Brushing seems to loosen the fur and make it worse -- usually a guaranteed puke a few days after brushing!

Anyhow, I feel your pain. I use Carbona on the carpet -- seems to work the best.

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Regular brushing with furminator

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Vomiting 'hairballs' more than every 2 weeks is nearly always another problem... best to have your kitty checked out. Recent study of cats that had 'hairballs' weekly or more often 95% ended up having either inflammatory bowel disease, lymphoma, some sort of digestive intolerance of an ingredient in the cat food, or some skin-related issue that lead to an excessive ingestion of hair. Only 5% ended up being healthy cats.

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I "HAD" this problem and now it's solved. At first (I got him last December) he kept twitching his ears, they itched terribly and had dander on his back where he likes to be scratched above his tail. He was puking log sized hair balls about every 4 weeks.

He likes Meow mix wet food, salmon and crab(Walmart sells it here, .52 cents ) , that cured the itching. Then dry food, wellness kitten blend and Purina Hairball formula. I mix the dry half and half. Then Greenie kitty treats(hairball formula) about 4 a day.

I also got him a pet fountain. Drinking lots of water helps too.

He's now passing hair in his stool. No more puking.

Added to say: Yes..he's long haired.

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