Adding a Waste Line to a Sewer Line...

beansroomMarch 9, 2010

Calling Massachusetts Plumbers/Inspectors.

I am tying into city sewer; decommissioning my septic tank due to an addition to my home...septic capacity is not made for 4+ bedrooms.

In my new addition, I will have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The new bathroom will be about 18 feet from the existing waste line in the original part of the house. Connecting to that would have a pipe run right along the back wall of the family room. Not pretty.

As an alternative, I was thinking to go straight down, core a hole through the foundation, and tie into the new sewer line that will be put in via a wye. I've been reviewing building and plumbing codes to know that 3" pipe is the right size for a new bath (toilet/sink/shower) with it's own vent. I may go 4" just to make sure poop can fit down the pipe.

So, I've gotten different stories from my Septic/Sewer vs. my plumber for tying into the city line in the street.

Septic/Sewer guy says a house can only have 1 main waste existing the house to the sewer line leaving the property and any new connections must be made inside the home.

Plumber says to just add another waste line to the new sewer line (pitched and flow in the correct direction of course).

So, what's to code?

Let me see if I can ASCII a drawing together here:

foundation inside


: : -------------------------------------------------

: : : : outside

\ \_____________________________\ \______________


new sewer line --> flow --> to street

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ascii came out like junk...

another try...

************foundation inside*********************
**I I*---I I---------------------------------I I-------------
**I I*************************I I******outside
**\ \__________________________\ \______________
************new sewer line --> flow --> to street

think of the * as dirt or space

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Why ask here?

If you really want to know what Massachussetts Plumbing Code requires in you town, call your town and ask to speak to your municipal plumbing code inspector.

It is that simple.

All you will get in this forum are 'guesses' that will likely be wrong...

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