Kitten has ringworm. What can she keep?

ldr3mirJuly 4, 2013

Little Mya has ringworms.
What can be cleaned?
What should/must be thrown out?

toys, cat tree, bedding etc.

She has seen the vet.

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'Ringworm' is a common name for a dermatophyte or skin fungus... it is not a worm or even closely related to any kind of worm. Its much more closely related to athlete's foot fungus. Most fungi can be cleaned off of household items, but anything that is impossible to clean might be a candidate for disposal, as the fungal spores can last a long time in the enviroment

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You can destroy fungus on almost anything with vinegar & water or maybe a very mild bleach & water solution;
be sure to rinse it like you're an obsessive compulsive clean freak.

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