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WoodTurning1March 8, 2011

I have a 50gal hot water heater and a brand new PRV between the house and the street. The pressure in the system (when checked at a hose bibb in the laundry room) goes from 45psi to 135psi while the hot water heater heats the water. I have been told to install an expansion tank in the system.

My problem is that the room is very small and there is not enough space to install the tank on the infeed (cold) side of the hot water heater.

Is it OK to install the expansion tank on another cold water line in the house where there is adequate room?

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how about installing on the hot side?

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Not on the hot side... bladder inside and plastic liner won't like it but on the cold side other than proximate to the cold supply to the WH is OK if you have to and doesn't violate local code.

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It should not be connected on the hot water side as Justalurker previously mentioned, however it must be connected between the water heater cold water shutoff valve and the water heater to insure it could absorb expansion in the event that valve were closed.

On the other hand, if that valve were closed the entire hot water system is then a closed system. Understanding that pressure is equal to all parts of a closed system, you can install a tee between the W.H. cold water shutoff valve and the W.H. then run a line to any convenient location for the expansion tank.

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