One Flow water system

rileydogMarch 21, 2012

We are researching our options to remove scale from the hard water here in Florida. We came across the One Flow system which is not a water softener but a scale removal system. I am interested in feedback from anyone who has the system or a water softener systems. Looking for recommendations as well as cautions. Thanks in advance!

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The Watts OneFlow uses TAC (Template-Assisted Crystallization), a technology that shows some promise. I do have some reservations about TAC for use in a residential application.

1) The media has to be replaced after two years. Replacement schedule is time-based and independent of the amount of water passed through the system.

2) The media requires that there be NO copper in the water.

3) They are costly - $450-$800 for a cartridge system. Plus the cartridge has to be replaced every two years at a cost of around $300.

4) While studies have shown TAC to prevent scale formation, they have not looked at redissolution of the crystals, which is a very real possibility in a residential system where most of the time water is sitting idle rather than flowing constantly.

5) Those studies I was able to find were sponsored by Watts so were not independent.

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Does anyone else have feed back? I am also considering this system. My concern is also if the one flow system is adding anything that could be harmful back into the water.

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I don't have any feedback, but am interested in this topic myself. I've been interested in the Watts One Flow for about 4 years now. I know the One Flow has passed a tough German purification certification.

But since this was developed as a commercial/industrial product they don't have much of the residential market covered. I'm interested, especially how it can reverse some of the buildup we've already got around the home.

My concern is if the formed crystals have any impact when consumed by people. Are they inert and pass on through humans without any impact?

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