how much $ to give buyer for broken sump

erinb007March 8, 2011

Hi, The only thing that came up in the inspection on my house is a broken sump pump in the crawl. There is no basement to the house, just the crawl. What would be a reasonable amount of money to credit the homeowner to install a new one. It hasn't been working for 1.5 years and there has never been moisture down there. House is not prone to having water accumluate around it.


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Call a couple of plumbers in your area and ask --

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You don't need a plumber.

If the existing sump pump is installed per code there should be a union, a check valve and a manual gate valve on the riser from the pump. On most installations the union is simply a Fernco coupling.

Code requires a service disconnect on the electrical service line to the pump, which is usually satisfied by installing an outlet near the pump and the pump is simply plugged into the outlet.

I would go to the nearest hardware store and buy the cheapest sump pump they have.

You can then unplug the existing pump and unscrew the discharge pipe from that pump. Now screw the discharge pipe into the new pump, set the pump in the pit and connect the lines with the fernco.

Plug the new pump in and your done.

Total cost about $75 for the pump and 20 minutes of you time. In a worst case you can hire a local handyman to install it for about $25.

I certainly wouldn't want to get into the set back money routine with the realtors and lawyers on this one.

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lazy-great advice. That is what I was looking for. I agree, no need to get a plumber involved.

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Sure, but if you don't want to mess with it, just offer them a credit for $125 or so.

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