My cat has white crusty scabs only around his head and neck

leeya24July 31, 2012

i have an 8 month old black male cat who i took into my home after finding him in my moms car. He has been living with me ever since November of 2011 and he has never had any health problems. But recently in the past 4 weeks i have been noticing these bumps that only seem to be around his head and neck. he is an indoor only cat but i let my dog outside to go to the bathroom so at first i thought it was fleas but fleas normally bite all over and these are like a white crusty chunk so i'm curious as to what this may be so i can help him

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Best thing would be to take the cat to your vets before it gets worse

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Your cat may have feline dermatitis. I have a cat who instantly gets scabs if a flea bites her and they're around her neck. That's why I Frontline them all even though they have never been outside. Dogs can bring them in even though my dogs are Frontlined too.

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There are also mites, some of them are a lot harder to control than others and it's not always the common 'ear mite'. My cat had what the vet called walking dandruff, and it was the area around her head and ears most affected. He finally hit on Revolution and it controlled it for her the rest of her life, but if I stopped it, it came back. He was a really good diagnostition, and did especially well with things like skin problems. It sure can compromise a pets quality of life.

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Always get the vet to check your cat out if theres anything abnormal. It could be a type of mange and its best to find out asap so you can protect yourself and any other animals you come into contact with. I also heard of a newer type of feline demodex that they dont know much about yet that is highly contagious but is treatable.

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