Diabetic kitty is a picky eater - need help!

smrockettJuly 12, 2009

Hello. I have a diabetic cat who has been off of insulin for the last two years thanks to a carnivore diet. However, he is an extremely picky eater. When he was first diagnosed, he refused to eat wet food, but I was finally able to find a wet food that he liked: Evanger's (only the holistic pheasant and seafood dinners). Unfortunately, I am not able to get Evanger's pet food any longer, and am now having to search for a new pet food to feed him, but cannot find another brand that he will eat. He doesn't like anything that resembles people food, unless its thin deli sliced turkey meat. I've tried just about every brand that the pet food stores carry, poultry and seafood flavors. Either the pet food is too much like people food and he won't eat it, or the pate is too fine and he won't eat it. I've even tried mixing 1/4 teaspoon of other brands in with the Evanger's, but he won't eat it. I even have to change spoons when dishing out his food if I feed our other cat something that is not Evanger's pheasant or seafood dinner. Does anyone have any advice on what is so special about Evanger's pet food that I may be able to find in another brand? Thanks!

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I suggest natural balance. ultimately your cat WILL eat, it may take a day or 2 but it will eat what you put down. Note - deli meats are high in sodium, be careful.

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You can order the Evangers canned pheasant and the seafood through PetFoodDirect.com. I order when they send me 15% to 22% coupons and the discounts more than cover the freight costs. (Very reasonable freight and they ship FAST.) When you get to the site click on the 'enter now' at the top and you can immediately get a coupon code emailed to you.

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You can order it directly from the company. They also provide a state-by-state list of where you can find it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Evangers Food

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See if he will eat tuna, raw fish or raw chicken? Mine love the raw chicken breast. Did your vet suggest an all meat dry food? There are many out there that are 100% protein with no fillers.

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