Installing granite composite sink

mabeldingeldine_gwMarch 6, 2011

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DH and I are installing our new Blanco silgranit sink today. We ordered a sink online which included a strainer basket.

The strainer basket is a deep stainless basket with a threaded tailpiece which attaches to the drain pipe with a threaded nut. There are 2 rubber gaskets included. There are no instructions included with the basket.

I've read many times NOT to use plumbers putty, as it will stain the Silgranit. Do we use silicone to seal the basket, or just tighten the nut very tightly with the gaskets in either side of the sink?

We are worried about over tightening and damaging the threads or cracking the sink.

Please help if you can, and thanks!

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One gasketr goes under the rim of the basket against the inside of the sink, the other goes under the sink.

There should be a large washer (it may only be cardboard, metal is better) to go between the under-sink nut and the gasket.
It lets the nut turn without hanging on the gasket.

The nuts need to be tight enough to start to bulge the gasket, and sometimes a little more to seal.

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