Whoot!!!! Santa brought me a Thermapen!

cj47_gwDecember 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all this morning!! LOL, this is sort of a follow up to the previous thread about "What kitchen toys are you hoping Santa will bring this year?"

(not the exact title but it was something like that)

After the massive remodel we just did, no way did I expect Santa to splurge on a Thermapen, but sure enough, he did and I kissed him soundly for it. Got a boot and a nice little case for it, too. Now, to go take the temperature of the Pernil roasting in the oven...and see if the fridge is at the proper temp, and what the temp of the hot water coming out of the tap is...any other ideas? heee hee!!

What kitchen toys did you all receive this morning?


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You'll love it! I use mine every day and it even works to check the air temperature in the room when we disagree about whether or not it is warm enough.
r I also have a probe thermometer and an infrared thermometer from Thermoworks - they all work well.


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I love mine, I use it all the time and even to see if my microwaved plate of leftovers is warm inside! Very handy! It does take longer than 3 seconds to register though. But it is the only thermometer(food) that I've ever used that actually works.

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You will be reaching for it time and time again Cj. They are the most accurate hand held thermometer and fast to boot! Congrats to Santa for getting you a great gift! I love mine. NancyLouise

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You'll be able to roast poultry perfectly. I use mine all the time for roasting birds and beef roasts. Last week I had a chunk of beef filet (what fancier cooks than I would make into a chateaubriand), and used it to make 'boeuf a la ficelle'(sounds fancy, but it's just beef filet poached in stock). Unfortunately, I didn't take it out of the freezer in time for it to thoroughly thaw; nevertheless, I was able to poach it to nice medium rare in the center by checking the center every so often. Have fun with it!

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What a lucky duck! A new kitchen AND a Thermapen! I love mine. And, like lsr2002, I've used it to check air temp!

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Well Santa didn't bring me one but after reading this thread and a few others I rectified Santa's oversight and ordered one.

You enablers you!

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But you didn't tell us what color it is!!! :-)

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LOL Chase!!

Upon googling, I see that a Thermapen has a probe which is inserted. If that's the case, how do you measure air temp and other intangibles?

I was testing my BLSL chicken breasts tonite and was wishing I had my Step-fathers little gadget that tells the temp of anything by aiming it at the target. He has tested "me", the a/c in his car, the temp of an exterior wall, etc etc.

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Jas, there was a gadget like you describe on their website... and I ordered one...


Here is a link that might be useful: Mini Infrared Thermometer

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To measure air temperature, I sit my Thermapen out on a table/chest in the room where I'm curious to see what the temp is. It seems to be accurate.

I wanted an infrared thermometer for Christmas to go with my Thermapen. Guess I was on Santa's "naughty" list...and not in a good way.

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Jas, I do exactly what bbstx does, just open out the Thermapen and put it on a horizontal surface, or just hold it with the probe in the air until the temperature stabilizes. My experience is that it seems accurate too. If I hold it close to our thermostat the readings will be same on both.

In regard to the IR thermometer, I use mine fairly often, to see how much my baking stone has heated up in the oven or how how hot a cast iron pan is for searing. But it reads the surface temperature so it is not as useful as a probe thermometer to tell you if the interior of your food is cooked to the degree you want it to be.


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