Sizing of hot and cold exterior hose bib

tooskinneejsMarch 12, 2010

I'm planning to install an exterior hose bib for my house that carries both hot and cold water. The model I'm looking at is the Moen HC4005 series.

These hose bibs are "frost-free" and come in different lengths. For example, it comes in 6", 8", 10", and 12" lengths. However, the specification sheet shows that this length corresponds to only a sub-portion of the overall length of the faucet within the house. So the 6" model, for example, has another 4" of length inside the house prior to opening to the copper supply lines.

Here is a link to a diagram.

Sorry for being long winded. My question is how do I determine which size to buy? (I'm planning on running this through a 2"x6" framed wall with 1/2" sheathing and hardiplank siding.)

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Your full hose bibb length will be:

-1/2" nominal width for HardiPlansk siding
-7/16" for nominal 1/2" sheathing (OSB or Plywood)
-5 1/2" for nominal 2x6 framed walls
-1/2" drywall...

This adds up to a minimum of 6 3/4" depth for any hose bibb penetration through a wall.

This means you need at least an 8" frost-free hose bibb depth to meet any 2006 based ICC/IRC based codes.

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Manhattan - Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to getting this installed.

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