Incontinence in older dog

Roberta_z5July 4, 2006

Our dog has just started "leaking" in her sleep at night. She spends lots of the night licking herself because she is trying to clear up the problem, I think. I have heard of a product called "Leaks No More". It is a homeopathic product and I am wondering if anyone has tried it.

We simply can't afford the prescription medication for this. We took her to the vet and he thought it might be a urinary infection. She was on a antibiotic and it did nothing. She is 14 years old and has never had a problem with incontinence before.

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We had this night time problem with our 2 previous older dogs. While we couldn't fix the problem we made it easier to deal with by getting a mesh sided playpen and lining it with towels. Both ladies adjusted well to sleeping there at night and it was simple to just wash towels in the morning.
We started doing this at the very beginning and when it became a major problem for each of them we were so glad we had a workable solution.

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If its due to her age, then try the product below. The constant licking makes me think something is irritating her. Is she 'raw' in that area and maybe needing some ointment?

What meds can you not afford, and did the vet run tests or just guess at which antibiotic to try?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bloomers

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Do a web search and you'll come up with some alternative products to try. My Dobe is on PPA for leaking and its really not that expensive.


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Thanks for all your responses. The play pen doesn't work too well with a very large dog but was a great remedy for little dogs. Vets are fine if you have the money. We don't have health insurance and are on a budget that some would say is beneath poverty level (we do just fine on it though.) We don't run to doctors for ourselves and can't spend any more money on our pets.

I really just wanted to know if anybody has used the homeopathic remedy "Leaks No More". Thanks all.

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I too had this problem with my 15 yr. old dog. I used leaks no more with good success. The trick is to keep using it as the bottle directs. I also got a leak proof mattress pad from Bed Bath and Beyond(cheaper than the pet stores)and put it under her at night. Let me know how it works

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I also have an older dog on PPA - its relatively inexpensive - $25.00 buys us enough pills for approximatley 3 months. She is 45 lbs and takes one pill in the am & one in the pm.

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I have a 1 yr old Cockapoo female who always has had leaking. I got her at 5 months old, took her to vet and was sold antibiotics for bladder infection twice which didn't help at all.
I took her to a vet in the city and they suggested she have an endoscope exam to see what problem was. I had that done and was told the tube from kidney to bladder wasn't in correct place so had surgery on June 29th of '06 to correct that and spay her at same time.
She still leaks but not as much, I am to give her propalin 3 times a day. I know the med. bothers her because I didn't give it to her for 1 day and she was way more active.
I would like to find the homeopathic "leaks no more" or an alternative to help correct this problem and she and I will be more happy. I would appreciate any suggestions and where can I purchase these products.

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Thank you moonie 57, I ordered the product.
Have you used it for your pet, if so how long did it take to be effective?
It will be such a blessing to have her free of the problem.
Thanks again.

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I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel that has done the same thing. Her bladder leaks while she is asleep. Our vet put her on Estrogen. She takes one capsule once a week. (very inexpensive) She hasn't had a single "incident" since she started on the estrogen.

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deewin, i have not had need to use the product, but looked to see if petmeds had it for you. I like them as they're delivery is quick. Good luck.

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moonie 57,
Thank you.I appreciate you doing that. I am very anxious to receive it and get her on it. I live in Canada so may take a few weeks to get here (I hope not).

Thank you westtxteach for your input, I will keep that in mind too.

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I think you are going to find that the PPA or Propalin is going to be less expensive than the homeopathic remedy. Most remedies are not inexpensive.

If your dog is only leaking at night you could use the doggie diapers. We had to use them when old gal was on a med that interfered with the Propalin. I will say that it bothered her more than us when she leaked. It really upset her to the point of worrying herself and doing the licking your dog is doing. Again, the doggie diapers are going to be probably more to purchase than buying the Propalin.

Have you gotten a price from your vet for the Propalin and what dosage do they want you to give?

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Hi labmomma,

Just wanted to fill you in on Kai's leaking issue.

She is on Propalin, that works. Vet said that cranberry juice could cause yeast infections.

Thanks for your help!


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I have had 17 month old female cockapoo on "Leaks no More" for a few weeks and she still leaks all the time, maybe not as much as if she wasn't on it. The day before I started Leaks no More I took her off the propalin 3 times a day, propalin slowed leaking down but didn't completly stop it.
In your opinion, should her problem be less or cleared up by now?
I called the vet again and she suggested they implant collagin, that would be another scoping etc and $400.00 for bottle of collagin. (I live 120 miles form the vet clinic).
She is so uncomfortable with her situation(I am too of course), we have to stay at home because of it.

For her history please see my post Dec 18th, "Incontinence in younger dog"
Thank you all.

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You need to ask your vet what the maximum dose you can give of the Propalin. We use 50 mg. twice per day on my old gal who has been up to 92 pounds at one point. I am confused about what you are using. Are you trying to use both medications? I know that in my case the Propalin worked totally. I will tell you that when old gal had to take other medications, some interfered with the Propalin and she would leak. If you are only using the Propalin and nothing else, perhaps you could increase the dosage? I don't know anything about collagen. I understand you wanting to use something inexpensive available from online or other sources. Unfortunately, you don't know the active ingredients contained in herbal remedies. I would call the vet and ask what is the maximum dosage your dog can be given (I would think it would go by her weight?). Try that for a couple of weeks. During the times when my old gal's leaking continued when on other meds, we used doggie diapers which were available at the local pet store. It made her more comfortable since she was feeling badly about leaking:)).

Good luck.

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Thank you labmamma.
I don't give her both, I am only giving her the "Leaks no More".
She doesn't feel well when she is on the Propalin so I would like something else for her and not to have to give it 3x a day which is difficult at times.

Thanks again.

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Why do you say she doesn't feel good on the Propalin? What are the symptoms? We have been using PPA then Propalin since my old gal was 2. She is now 12. At no time has she ever not felt well because of the Propalin. Have you discussed her not feeling well with the vet. Perhpas she wasn't feeling well due to another issue?

Good luck.

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I am glad to read your experiences on Propalin .
Do you give it to her twice a day everyday?
My little Molly isn't as active as when she is off it, when off it she runs and plays more.
She was 5 mos old when I received her as a gift from my children, she came from a private place that bred dogs so there were a few other dogs there, the place was not clean and I don't know how she was treated and she was not in clean condition. My daughter said she couldn't bear to leave the puppy at that place so she purchased her. There were children there so she may be missing all the activity. I live alone since my husband passed away and I don't have time to play with her a lot, we go for walks but when the weather is cold it is too cold for her to be out for very long. She is very timid, afraid of and barks a lot at anyone she doesn't know really well who comes into my home or into the yard. She is a sweet little dog, I love her lots.

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