dog kennel pictures?

kjmamaJuly 11, 2010


We are trying to decide how to make a new pen for our dogs. I was wondering if any of you have pictures of your solutions? Thanks in advance!

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my dogs would murder me in my sleep if i put them in kennels! lol

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I needed a fenced area for my dogs, but we didn't really want to keep them isolated in a pen or fence the whole yard. Our property backs up to a field and woods and we didn't want to break up the open view in the back.

Our solution was to fence part of the yard in a sort of a courtyard look. We fenced from the back corners of the house out about 35 feet and then across the back, which is about 100 feet. It encompasses our patio and the surrounding garden and I'm working on gardens around the outside of the fence to make it blend in with the rest of the yard better.

I only have to open the door to let them out and they can be with us outside rather than being penned up away from us, yet the cost was fairly reasonable and it looks really nice.

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What do you mean by "pen"? I suspect people on this forum have everything from crates to five acres with invisible fence. If you tell us more about what you want to do, perhaps we can help.

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OK - We currently have a 10x20 ready made pen. I'll add a link to the place. It has been great. But we are moving and the buyers want the pen, so we need a new solution. We have been batting around making our own out of fencing materials, hiring a fencing company, or just buying another ready made kennel.
The house we are moving to has an invisible fence, but they are not yet trained to use it and we need a safe place for them when we are not home....

Here is a link that might be useful: what we have now

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kjmama, since the new home has invisible fence I would consider another Kennel like you had. After you have your dog/dogs trained on the invisible fence when you are outside you can enjoy them running free in the yard yet know when you are not there they are safe in a kennel. It takes about 2 weeks of daily training to invisible fence.

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I have 20 acres, and 2 pastures fenced for my donkeys ... but had no fenced area for my dogs. So I paid a contractor to build me a 20 x 20 chain link fenced area, under a large maple tree.

My dogs go in there when I am outside working in the yard/gardens ... they play and tumble and have a great time in it.

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Mine is similar to deb18,I have 2 1/2 acres and most of it is fenced.I have small fenced yards inside of the acreage so I can open the door and they can go out.They are bassets and I'm not going to hunt them down in the middle of the night if they catch a scent they want to chase down.I also have a garden around the front fenced yard,outside the fence and a strip on the inside of the fence,I used regular fencing for farms.It all blends in well with my farmhouse.

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