Any one else own whippets?

angiepangieJuly 3, 2013

I have two females. Any one else own whippets???

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I have either a long haired whippet, or a whippet mix.

Molly was starved and has a food allergy---which complicated her early stray year or so. She was also the most timid dog I have ever seen---and I worked for a vet for several years.

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Mine is a whippet mix. Good watchdog. Will let the neighbors dogs eat out of his food bowl while he eats. But when I put out water for him while we are away from home, he drinks and immediately shreds/tears his paper/plastic bowl. If it is a metal bowl he picks it up, tosses out the water and drops it.

Had a 5 gallon bucket out brewing compost tea. Dog liked it at least as much as fresh water. My last dog seemed to like greenish stale water more than fresh water. Maybe they don't like residual fluoride of tap water.

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