Are II.5" pulls too big on a 35" drawer?

raee_gwMarch 14, 2013

I have seen a few kitchens here with the big pulls and never thought so, but I need hand-holding.

I worry about the effect in my smaller kitchen.

Everything else will have 5" pulls, including the 26" drawers, and I just thought that those were too small for the big drawers .I wanted to use a single, centered pull on the drawers-- I like that look best. But, The pulls that I love don't come in an in-between size.

Of course, I could start looking for a different pull in a different size (but i don't want to).

Opinions, please?

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Bigger pulls will look fine on bigger drawers. You will have consistency in that all the bigger drawers will have the bigger size and all the drawers whatever size will have the pulls centered.
I used 4 different sizes of pulls for my kitchen and my family and friends have liked the different sizes used.

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I used 4" pulls on all my drawers, including the 30" and 32.5" drawers. Take a look at my pics on my "almost done" thread. You should be able to find it easily. I am not very good with linking pics.

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Thanks, badgergal and nycbluedevil!

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