"Pinched" photo and recipe (AnnT)

deborah_psDecember 24, 2013

Greetings and Merry Merry!
I haven't posted in an age...moved, lost password, etc.
Yet I do check in to keep up...lots of new and old friends :)

Okay so I usually make AnnT's maple cream fudge this time of year, sadly it is always hit or miss setting up. But I digress...
Looking on the Internet, Youtube to be exact, I came across a photo that looked familiar, checking on AnnT's website, I see that this person is using her photo and recipe without linking nor even mentioning that it is Ann's recipe. And by a few comments made, people believe the photo/recipe is theirs.
How to proceed? Or should I just mind my own beeswax?

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Hi Deborah, nice to see you again.

It wouldn't be the first time someone has used a photo and not given credit. Do you have a link to where you saw it?

Merry Christmas!


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I do Ann.
I'll just post this way so that it's not clickable (I hope)


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beachlily z9a

Good, diplomatic way to correct the woman, Ann!

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Well done, Ann! The nerve of her putting her name on your recipe.

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The funny thing is that this website is called just a pinch for a reason. They encourage the "pinching" of recipes from other sites. AND, this is what gets me, if your recipe is pinched they would like you to promote their website by putting a button on your own blog.

I share every recipe so I don't have a problem with someone posting a recipe or a photo from Thibeault's Table. But I would like them to acknowledge that they found it on my blog.


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Ann, have you ever considered watermarking your photos? They're professional magazine grade, as someone once wrote here. This may be just the tip of an iceberg.

I'm attaching a link to a step by step explanation 'using Photoshop (paid) and PicMonkey (free)'.

Might come in useful if you make up your mind to watermark.

Here is a link that might be useful: Watermarking

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WinterCat, Thank you the links. I'll look in to it.


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I admit, I don't always post where I get my recipes from.
Sometimes I've had them for so long, I honestly don't remember. Also I don't follow recipes to the T, I make changes, so they aren't the original source.
Am I wrong?

However, I am vehemently against, and get livid when I see a blatant theft of a published recipe being touted as her own, in her own cookbook, or on a blog.

The one that got my back up was a Banana muffin recipe that a girl from my area has on her blog, and in her cookbook which you can buy. (I wouldn't). The recipe is word for word from Muffin Mania, a soft-cover cookbook on muffins that was sold in the 80's by a local woman. Her grand-daughters revived the book and made another publishing of it, and it's as popular as it was then.

To have someone steal a known recipe and have it in their personal cookbook is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Jasdip, I think that we probably all have recipes that we have made for years and have no idea where we got them from.

But, since participating on line in various cooking forums, I have made sure to give credit to where a recipe originates. I get a lot of ideas from other recipes, but never follow a recipe. So when posting a recipe to my blog, if I got the idea from a cookbook or on line from a blog or website, I will give credit to original source, by saying "adapted from" and mentioning the person/website's name, and then noting all of my changes.
I can't imagine that I would use someone else's photo, but I know that if I did, I would certainly give credit.


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Ann, you made a gracious but to the point comment, I wonder if Freda will acknowledge. It makes you wonder if she even made the fudge.

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But really...you can claim you modified a recipe or got it from your aunt or grandmother and so didn't know it was from someone's cookbook. But how can you use someone's photograph without giving credit or asking permission?

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I can't imagine using someone's photo and passing it off as my own. Even using a pic from a website, when bragging about your wonderful cake bugs the heck out of me. (The website is on the picture). Why not take a pic of the actual cake you made, since it was so good?

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I never used to pay much attention to giving credit to where I got the recipe, but I started a couple of years ago for two reasons. First, if the recipe is good, I want to be able to thank the person for posting it and also so I can go back to their site and see what other good recipes I can find.

I copy and paste and next to the name of the recipe, type where/who I got the recipe from. Works for me and I wish I'd done it earlier.

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Like Patti, I'm more apt to post the person who I got it from, to publicly thank them, if I liked, or use the recipe.

I honestly don't think of it, if I got it from Allrecipes, Real Simple, etc.

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