well head parts ID - please help

thomisMarch 20, 2013

I haven't had to mess with my well much since I've owned my home, aside from having the water sampled. I took some pics of the well head. I don't know what is what and I'd like to know in case something does happen and I need to work on it. Can someone please identify what pipe is what, etc.?

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It might be helpful if you included a picture of the pump.

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Hi, the pump (a Gould jet pump) is about 20 feet away under the house in the crawlspace.

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What are those elbows sizes coming out of the well 3/4" and 1/2"?

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It appears you have a double-drop jet pump system. The smaller line should be the pressure line coming from your pump. The larger line should be the suction line going to your pump. There should be an ejector down inside your well casing, at the bottom.

In simplistic terms: The pump will force water down through the smaller pipe, through a venturi at the bottom of the well and up through the larger pipe. The venturi will create a suction which draws more water into the larger pipe and back up to the pump for distribution through your home.

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Great, thanks for the info!

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The pipes hanging in the well appear to be polyethylene- a really good choice for that purpose. The metal top with the bolt heads is called a well seal. The short pipe up with cap is a vent-- to admit air as water is drawn from the well and to let air out as the well refills. The cap has small holes in the side or at the bottom so that air can move through them.

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