Foaming and smelly water from a new kholer faucet

springdale78March 2, 2011

Recently we purchased a kholer faucet with the pull out head for our kitchen sink. We have other kholer faucets in our home and have always been satisfied. A week after installation both my husband and I noticed that the water was foaming and had a chemical taste / smell when first turned on after not being used for a couple hours. I thought it must have been some residue left in the lines from when it was manufacured and it would go away after being used. After several weeks nothing changed and I was beginning to be concerned about what we were ingesting when we drank the water. A very simple search online showed that this seemed to be a common problem with both kholer and moen faucets. Since it had been less than 2 months since I purchased the faucet we decided to see if we could return it to home depot where we purchased it. We took the faucet back with no box and no receipt. Home depot was able to look up the purchase using our credit card number and did not have any problems taking it back after I told them about what I had read online. The gentleman in the plumbing department recommended getting a delta replacement faucet since I refused to buy another kholer or moen. The delta was easy to install and our water is back to normal.

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