stuck shower diverter

robmurphyMarch 25, 2008

I have a bath faucet which I think is a cheap Delta unit. It was installed about 2 years ago with the anticipation that the whole bath would be renovated soon. I say cheap because it is mostly plastic. The shower rarely gets used and now that I need it for guests arriving this weekend the shower diverter won't turn. It is the center type diverter between the hot and cold valves. I got most of the diverter apart but the stem is still inside the housing and I can't get it out. Nor will it turn. It is plastic and there does not seem to be any flat sides which to grasp with a wrench or socket. It seems as though it should just pull out. Any ideas on how to get this thing out?



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I'd say to call Delta's 800 number and ask.

If it's anything like Moen (probably), there's a retainer clip that is pulled upward and out with needlenose pliers. Then it will eventually pull out with force, - sometimes it will take a lot of force. In an ideal world it would have been installed with an extra dab of plumber's grease.

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Another solution is to replace the tub spout with one that has a diverter on it. The spout simply screws on. Then, no need to even worry about the other diverter. just leave it alone and use the tub diverter.

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