Kohler Toilet Seat Question

tmy23March 21, 2012

Thanks in advance for any help.

On our Kohler toilet, the seat is attached to the bowl with two 3-part brass hinges. The center section bolts to the bowl, the inner to the bottom of the toilet seat and the outer section connects to the lid.

The hinge "pin" that runs through these three sections is plastic and has sheered off. One of my kids must have been doing the twist on the bowl :)....anyway, I have scoured the internet, unable to find a replacement plastic pin...but of course I can find the hinge for $130 each....

Does anyone know where I can find the pins, or what I can use? I am hesitant to use a piece of dowel, because it will soak up water and rot. Maybe a piece of PVC?


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Hi A couple of ideas.
Get the diameter of the piece you need. Check the phone book for plastic or nylon supplies. Call and ask them if they have a piece for you. If that fails call a metal supply and check for a piece of brass rod that size.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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