A Little Tweek of Happiness

samkarenMarch 29, 2013

It wasn't much but a couple of small things made me happy this week. First DH called and said we were getting a tax refund (a nice one). Then I went over to the house tonight and helped him move a large chair onto his truck. He is bringing it to my place tomorrow. I brought pizza over and we had a nice chat. And the best part....OKE came out from behind the couch....he recognized my voice and jumped into my lap!!! I wanted to cry....that made me SO happy. My little OKE....my monkeyface...still loves me!!!!

Ok...going to cry. I know it's not much but just the small things made me happy. Haven't felt that in a few months.

your resident DJ

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AWW SamKaren, that is great, I am sure OKE will always love you;) Maybe you should start a "Graditude' journal. Every night, think of something special that happened that day~~~soon you will be filling pages.

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That is good news! Hope good things keep coming your way.

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I have memories of divorce, the loneliness in bed, holidays, etc. It takes time.

My thoughts are with you.

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I'm glad, and I'm glad for you that you recognize the good stuff when it comes. Hope it gets more and more frequent!

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Karen, I think it is really cool, that you and your ex can have a meal together.

I am not at this point yet... and my divorce was final May 2011. I don't even want to see him.


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Treasure all the little things and they'll help you through the rough times. So glad Oke jumped into your lap - he does love you.

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The smallest things can make a person happy sometimes. It will get easier as time goes by. Would it be possible for the Ex to bring Oke for a visit from time to time? Wouldn't that great?? Keep the smiles coming, Karen.

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I'm glad you and John are able to deal with each other, and especially happy that your baby showed his love for you. I hope you will be able to visit Oke from time to time. Things are going to get better for you...it just takes time. Hugs!

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Hi sk,

Most critters are much less fickle than some/quite a few? people.

ole joyful

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The one thing I am grateful for is that John and I are not only civil but we are friends. We are both welcome in each others homes. We knew all along that our seperation would be civil...why make things difficult because we were both on the same page with things. Yes....I can go over and see my OKE when I want to and I love it when I do now.

your resident DJ

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Dogs never ever forget the ones they love, and they love their Mommy!

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I'm so glad you are finding bits of sunshine here and there, sk. How wonderful that you and John have a good understanding and can freely visit each other. Our good friends have done the same, which I'm sure is easier on their human (grown) kids as well as the furry ones.

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believe me take what you can get...i'm sad dd2 will be coing to ds1's for dinner alone...guess the grands have their 50-50 time with soon to be xsil....

glad your x was up front about the taxes..of course he didn't have much choice since you had to sign for the year ending...sigh..and the chair sounds like a bonus! i'm wondering what happen to my dd's things down the line...

shed your tears then take a nice hot shower...wish i could lend you my shower chair...lol...10-15 minutes sure makes the world more tolorable!

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I'm so happy OKE remembers you! Happy Easter! And I'm glad your separation/divorce are at least friendly and civil.

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