Any comments on State premier Hybrid water heater

cassie225March 11, 2012

Any comments good or bad on State premier hybrid water heater. We live in a hot climate(Louisiana). Husband wants to replace two hot water heaters-30 gallon electric and 40 gallon gas with this thing.This hybrid has about a 25 gallon tank. Don't know why.Existing heaters in the attic. I say go back with what we have cause if it is working for you do the same thing. And boy is this hybrid expensive,approx. 1500 and that does not include install. Also our house is approx 30 years old. We are ditching AHS, they are crap.

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You should go to the US department of energy web site, or maybe Energy Star to get help in running numbers comparing how water heaters using your current fuel rates. HPWH can be a good deal compared to electric, but probably not so much with gas.

The existing HWH are in the attic because it saves space in the house. It is common practice in LA. You will probably want to move the HPWH to the living space to take advantage of the dehumidification and cooling It yields. If your current usage requires the full capacity of the two water heaters, you are very unlikely to be satisfied with the 25 gal hybrid.

Please consider installing a solar system. With current LA tax benefits of 50% of installed costs and fed programs at 30%, it makes solar about even with the HPWH in long-term costs.

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Theres still tax benefits for solar.

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You'd want a hybrid HWH in the living space? I thought they made a lot of noise, and therefore best suited in an outer space (garage)?

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I know nothing about the noise. I am asking all opinions so that we may determine what will be the best option for us a family of four. We currently have 2. I am heading to the department of energy website after i post this comment.

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