Plumbing vent question. Diagram inside

bhom920March 17, 2012

Hi I need advice on some bathroom plumbing. I have the national plumbing handbook in front of me and this is what i've come up with. I'd like to get some insight on if i planned everything out correctly. Keep in mind the main 3" house drain is sitting under the floor about 6-8inches. It already has a kitchen and clothes washer further up stream and another bathroom downstream.

Do you think i need to extend a vent from behind my future sink and tie it into the 2" stack? or is it close enough to not deem it necessary.
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This is wrong in many ways.

Someone else may post more specific things to do, to make it workable.

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Yea i realised i might have screwed the theory up. I just updated the drawing with the revisions i had. Althought i feel a portion of the vertical 2" vent is unecessary with the changes i made.

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