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Texasgal47March 25, 2014

My small diningroom is almost completely decorated except a large oil painting is needed for one empty wall. I'm doing tropical/British colonial. The empty wall is 10'2"w. with a doorway to the left and the vaulted ceiling peaks at 12' off center, on the left side of the black wall. The walls are painted a soft gold with a deeper tone of gold tile on the floor. Built-in cabinets opposite the blank wall are cream. The dining table is a burled walnut parson's style rectangular table with a herringbone off-white textured fabric with brown suade welting on the partson's style chairs. The chandelier is strauss crystal. From the diningroom, one can see through a large wall opening the bookcase in the familyroom which has creme cabinets with copper and black grasscloth in the back of the shelves. I'd like the colors in the painting to be primarily gold, or gold undertones, with a little black & copper as well as white, blue and creme with the subject to be tropical. My original thoughts were to have a triptych or the painted panels of a folding screen to cover a large area of the wall. However, I've come across a large painting of quality for a very good price on ebay. It can best be seen on If one googles artbrokerage + Arozi + Magic Sunset, a good view of the painting is available. I like it and think it would go nicely. My hesitation is that I think something with a little more gold in it would flow better across the walls to make a small room look larger. An example is KevinMP's painting in his DR which nicely picks up the wall color in a large portion of the piece. The other piece I really like is by an artist on Maui who did the painting which hangs above my fireplace. To see his other painting I'm considering, if you google --2012 Lahaina poster -- a painting by Carleton Kincade entitled "Lei Day" should automatically come up. That painting was the Lahaina painting that won the 2012 poster award. All I can say is that the painting makes me feel happy each time I view it on the internet. It has a lot of gold in it and the bright colors would brighten up my room. I've already emailed the artist to see what he would charge to repaint that piece in about a 36" x 36". Anyway, I'd appreciate your feedback and any other suggestions. Don't worry, I only buy art that I really love. Your brutal honesty is really appreaciated.

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Both are beautiful. Color wise, I think either would do very nicely. From a subject point of view, I would think Sunset Magic would be better for a dining room. I could see Lei Day more on a sunporch or living room.

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Oh Mart, thanks for taking the time to look and provide feedback. Thank's exactly what I was looking for. I had not thought of which subject would be most appropriate for a diningroom. You're right, Sunset Magic has more of a formal diningroom feel.

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Well. I looked at both of them back and forth. All things being equal - color and size, etc. - I much prefer Lei Day. It is full of happiness and life, and has many interesting details; it has a lot to look at! In truth, though, am not a fan of seascapes unless they are very old and show clipper ships. To me, a wave is a wave.

We live 4 miles from Carmel CA and its many galleries are full of seascapes. Rarely does one see a beautifully-done picture of people. I actually can see Lei Day in a dining room. It would reflect the room itself and would be a nice conversation piece.

As long as the painting has some of the color that you want, I would not choose solely on color. IMO content that speaks to you is what matters, and also, to some extent, the provenance, the story behind your acquisition of the picture. You can tell which one I like!

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I love palms, monkeys, bird cages and parrots for British colonial, animal print throws, leather furniture, old suitcases, giraffe stuff, great Indian rugs, trunks, maps, ceiling fans, travel trunks from India, rattan seats and backs in chairs, rosewood, mahogany, painted black furniture, maps stretched in frames in sepia or parchment tones, tables with Chippendale legs, footed tubs, bamboo or butler tray serving tea or coffee tables. Thus, the palms.

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Well, Sable, I laughed aloud when reading your "a wave is a wave" comment. Living that close to Carmel, beach paintings probably do all run together. Anyway, I love your comments regarding the "Lei Day" piece as those were my own reactions. In fact, "Lei Day" contains something extremely unusual one very rarely encounters in art. It happens to be a painting of "older" people; seniors having a good time in a beautiful setting that is a joy to the beholder. I happen to work professionally with seniors so it has special meaning to me professionally, as well as being someone who is now entering my own senior years. The artist hasn't emailed back the price yet so don't know if I can afford it in the size I want.

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I'm sorry, Patricia, but overlooked your email earlier. Are you saying you were voting for the Sunset Magic painting or just referring to paintings of palms? I don't quite get the reference to palms.

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Texasgal - Yes, I did notice that Lei Day was about a "senior" picnic and had the same reaction to it. What a fine thing to see!

Actually, when I first looked at LD, it reminded me of Carl Larsson, the great realistic painter of Swedish rural life. One of his best-known paintings is "Breakfast Under the Big Birch", but it's about children, not seniors. But he also painted seniors. Google "The Old Man and the New Trees" - not for your dining room, but just to look at something utterly beautiful. Larsson had that joie de vivre that the artist of LD also clearly has.

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I've actually just taken my oil painting in for framing after a few years. I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'll post a picture when it's back. I like the less traditional looking oils in many cases--the ones that look like something traditional such as a landscape or horizon but are painted in a more more modern way.

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Thanks for the info,Sable, I'll look up the Larsson piece. And yes, KevinMP, I'm curious to see the frame you selected, too. By the way, the new piece in your DR looks splendid. I'll keep your painting recommendation in mind.

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My vote is for 'Lei Day'. I'll also give you another reference to James Hoyle's work just to confuse the issue a bit, but his style is more Monet-like in many ways, so totally different from the two you are considering. He is one of my Hawaii favorites and is in Kauai. His originals are pricey but he has many Giclee's available. Google 'Kauai artist James Hoyle' and you'll find him.

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"Sunset" has a bit of a foreboding sense to me. I like the colors in the sunset part itself, but the trees' position and the waves make me feel physically cold. "Lei Day" has the sense of friendship, fun, gathering together -- much warmer. That's a painting that will make people smile; to me, "Sunset" isn't as striking in its originality.

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I think both of them are too exuberant for British Colonial.
I'd like large tropical botanicals in tortoise shell frames.

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I love Lei Day. As others have said, it exudes warmth and friendship, which is exactly what one wants in a dining room. It is both unexpected and accessible. I want to eat and converse with the painting subjects!

I didn't know artists repainted their work! I always learn so much here. :)

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Thank you all for your feedback. The comments helped to give me confidence to go with my gut of what I really love instead of just another beautiful painting. I agree with the comments about classic British colonial. I'm doing only a loose interpretation. For example, my familyroom furniture is Queen Anne style in walnut woods so certainly not the darker woods and heavier design of Br.Colonial. Mtnrdredux, I love the tortoise shell mirror you showed but already have a mirrored hutch in the DR. But you've given me the idea to look for other tortoise shell accessories, so thanks for the help.

Anele, I don't know yet if the artist will repaint his work. He had offered to do so in the past but do not know if he is still willing to do that. I did receive an email from Carleton yesterday. He will email photos of new paintings now available which should be interesting. If I see something I really like, I'll let you gals know what I finally select. Hope I can talk the artist into doing a repaint if LD is still tops on my list.

Sable, thanks for the tip. I did enjoy looking at "The Old Man and the New Trees". Like LD, it draws the viewer into the painting and makes me want to chat with the people as anele was commenting on the piece I like.

Outsideplaying, after looking at Hoyle's work I have to say that it is just not my style. However, I may love it if seen in person. He's certainly a top quality artist.

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Of the two, I prefer Lei Day. The landscape colors are the tiniest bit lurid.

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Of the two, I prefer Lei Day as well. I think the subject matter is perfect for a dining space (after all, they are sitting at a table), and seems happy. The other piece feels a bit angry, not the feeling I would want in a dining space.

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Hi Fellow Garden Webbers:
I just wanted to update that a deposit was mailed today for a commission of the Lei Day painting in a larger size (36"h x 48"w) with possible small modifications. It should be completed and mailed to me in December. Once framed and hung, I plan to post photos. Your feedback was invaluable and is greatly appreciated.

Also, mtnrdredux, your suggestion of botanicals in tortoise shell frames is quite helpful and will be used in a sitting room. I never would have thought of doing that. Many thanks (Mahalo)

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I love many of the artists who call Hawaii home. I'm not familiar with Arozi, but You really can't go wrong with any artist featured in the Wyland galleries. My favorites are Walfrido, hogue and of course, Tobora. Also James Coleman (who is now separated from Wyland).

When you see a piece of art you love, you are drawn to it. It's an immediate love / must have it moment. You will love it regardless of the colors in the room where you will hang it and you will love it regardless of the dominant colors used by the artist. You will love it whether it's large or small.

My feeling is that since you are unsure, neither of these paintings are your nirvana. Maybe you should buy a nice print from homegoods to fill the space until you find your perfect piece of art to invest in. Even a giclee will be an investment if it's signed and numbered.

You should not rush into a true art purchase. Get what you love and you'll love it forever.

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Also, it's important to note that many giclees that are signed and numbered also include hand highlights, with actual paint placed at artist's discretion. This hand highlighting often has a big impact and makes a difference in how the painting is viewed in different light. Hard to see those features with an online purchase.

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Good for you Texasgal. Just saw your post that you decided. I'm sure it will be fabulous.

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Yay! Lei Day is lovely. I can't wait to see it in place!

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Dilly, anele, and everyone else, thanks for sharing my excitement. Now the question is where to buy a liner and a frame at a decent price for a large piece. Suggestions, anyone?

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