Need to add second drain pipe to second floor?

EngineerChicMarch 25, 2012

We are mid-remodel. The house originally had 1 full bath on the 1st floor and 1 full bath on the 2nd. We are adding a second bath upstairs, and the 2 upstairs baths will share a wet wall ( the toilets are back to back against that wall).

The plumber says we may need to drop another drain line ... And I'm worried because I can't figure out WHERE that can be placed without tearing up the kitchen.

So, 2 questions...

1). Can 3 full baths share 1 cast iron drain (house was built in 1960's)?

2). If not, can a drain pipe run horizontally and cut through floor joists? I think that would require extra support for those floor joists somehow.

I do trust the GC but I'm also thinking that I want the best looking/functioning solution that minimizes the amount of demo to the first floor. And now I'm concerned about how that will be achieved.

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If you need another stack, put it in the same wall as the present stack if possible.

Running a 3 inch (let alone a 4 inch) line perpendicular to joists is a real PITA, and depending on the joist size may not even be possible.

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Thanks, I thought the joists would be a problem. I think if we flip the fixtures (swapping tub/linen closet with toilet/vanity) I can get the new drain stack to drop through a closet on the first floor. I'll see what the GC and plumber say about it.

Anything to prevent a waste stack from becoming a stylish addition to the kitchen, right?

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This question cannot be properly answered with the limited information available. Whether or not you need another stack is dependant upon how the bathroom on the first floor is vented.

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