New Friend Needs New Name...

mountain_ladyJuly 21, 2012

LIke you to meet Our New Son. From what we can come up with he is Jack Russell Mix. They think he is about 1 to 2 yrs old .

He was dumped out of a van last week. He has small burn on his head, that is healing well. He is VERY loving and likes to spend time with the woman in the house... IE: ME....

He is a bed Hog for just a little thing. But he Needs a New name. THe Foster family called him "CAPTAIN JACK" He comes to it some what. But I dont see him as Jack. I am at a stand still of what to name him. He is a funny little dog. I had to from 2 hours to pick him up yesterday. He was enjoyin life with the AC on in my pickup. Once I got to the dirt road coming to our house he sat up and then he was in my lap then up on my shoulder looking out the window. Once we got out of the pickup He was all about all the other dogs here and then it was game on with the cat and chickens. He learned what cows where this morning and I think with some work he might be albe to help with heeling .... Maybe not, cause he is soo little . He likes to play ball other then he dont know what Sit say and come are . but I am sure I will get him there soon....

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Buddy gets my vote.

What a cutie he is, I bet he's going to love life with you & all the animals.

Are his ears bigger than his head? Hope he grows into those ears! His coloring is nice too. Good job taking a rescue in mountain lady!

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Oh what a cute little man. I am a terrier person from way back, and love their attributes. Let's put it this way, with one around life is never dull. I have a little Iggy terrier cross, and we figure JR as well. He's a pistil, and with his long, lean body and thing legs I decided to call him Tubby. LOL. It was the name of one of my parents little rat terriers before I was born and they talked of her often.

I seldom hang a name on a pet immediately, and after a very short while something about their personality names them for me. He looks like a chihuahua boston terrier mix to me. Or yeah, maybe a jackhuahua.

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Yes, Buddy would be good, or how about Buster?

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How about Howdy. That's what he seems to be saying with that look.

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What a cute dog!

He reminds me of Winston Churchill.

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He looks like a real sweetie. Those ears tell me he may have some Chihuahua in him! Buddy is a cute name.

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I vote for Buddy....He sure looks like a life long buddy, one full of vinegar and lots of love........

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Buddy is good. I instantly thought of Petey or Pedro - not sure why. Perhaps Brother Bertrille, for those old enough to remember The Flying Nun. With those big ears he might just take off on a windy day!

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I think you should name him Bruce for Bruce Wayne in Batman. Those ears are batlike from the start! But I could live with Buddy... :-)


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We have decided to keep his name as Jack. He listens to it. I am thinking that it was close to what he was called by the ppl that dumped him. I do thank all of you for the names.

and for his ears No I dont think that his head will grow anymore. think he is just going to have the bat ears the rest of his life. He is showing to be my dog. he sleeps next to me under the blankets in all. sitten her typing this he is laying next to me on the sofa.

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Aww I like Jack! You're right, if he's already responding to it, easier for him to leave it as Jack. We were told our Roxie was Roxanne when they gave her away, so shortened name worked great for her.

My crack about his ears was just a joke, he looks like a little doll, bat ears and all.

Isn't it sweet the way they often pick a person? Our boy Forrest is all Dad's, he pines for him even if he just goes out to move his truck. Meanwhile, Roxie doesn't bat an eye, until I come home, then it's love time for her. Hope you get to enjoy a lot of happy years with Jack!

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what an adorable little guy!!! welcome home, jack!

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