Twin XL bedding

bbstxMarch 8, 2014

I am putting twin XL beds in my guest room. I know the sheets have to be XL. Do I also need to look for XL comforters and blankets? Will regular twin comforters and blankets do?

Because twin xl beds are commonly used in dorms, my choices are a little more shall we say youthful than I want. If I don't have to have twin xl comforters, I have greater selection.

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When my daughters went to college we did get the XL sheets but we got regular comforters.

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Use queen comforters and blankets if you can't find TwinXL. It's really annoying to have a short blanket tucked in on a long bed because you can't get it up over your shoulders.

You can buy some decent, non-collegiate bedding on the Internet. Try Amazon or Overstock.

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I've looked at BBB for Twin XL comforters, but I never thought about Amazon. I looked on Overstock, too.

The issue with queen is that while they are long enough, they are way too wide. One chart I found online listed Twin XL comforters as 68x90 and queen as 86x90-94. That means a queen, while the correct length is 18 inches wider. An extra 9 inches on each side sounds too long to me. I would like a slightly wider comforter or blanket but 18 inches I think might look sloppy.

I thought about purchasing a full comforter but it is the same length as a regular twin comforter. And most full size bedding today is full/queen. Back to the same problem as just using a queen.

This is turning out to be a lot more trouble than I thought it would be when I opted for the Twin XL beds in the guest room! I thought I would go to BBB buy sheets, a down comforter for winter, a down blanket for summer and be on my way!

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Try, they will custom make anything for you. They are in Wisconsin. They made my son's dorm linens since we didn't like anything at Bed Bath and Beyond or Dormco, and they were fine.

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The Company Store has Twin XL comforters, duvet covers and sheets. They are mostly solid colors, but I'm sure the quality is nice, at least!

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Will give a look. Thanks!

jshore, solid is what I'm looking for. Don't know why I didn't think to look at The Company Store! I'm going to blame it on moving. All of the clutter is keeping me from thinking straight!

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Check out Kohls, new Lauren Conrad bedding comes in Twin-XL.

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I second The Company Store. And Land's End has XL Twin sheets.

As for a queen comforter--measure it out on the beds that you have. I have a king comforter on a full bed and I think it looks fine. I don't need a bed skirt with it because it covers the mattress and box spring. If you think more "bedspread" and not, "comforters must end at the bottom of the mattress," it might not look so bad.

Macy's also has XL Twin comforters, but I think only on-line, not in stores.

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