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sylviatexas1July 1, 2013

It'll be here before you know it, fireworks exploding & screeching, & dogs who are subject to fireworks anxiety or thunderstorm anxiety will be terrified.

Distracting, constant noise helps, such as tv, & experts say that it's better to act as though nothing is out of the ordinary rather than comforting the dog, which can actually be counter-productive;
it rewards anxiety rather than discouraging it.

What other tactics have y'all used to get through noisy holidays without fear?

(That glass of wine in your own hand does not count!)

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we have thunder parties. when there's a storm coming, i get a whole bunch of yummy treats and we play a game...every time it thunders, i get up and dance and sing the thunder song (something i just made up with silly words. you know..."we LOVE thunder! YAYYY THUNDER!!!). and then every single time it thunders, i pop a treat in their mouths. my dogs are SO food motivated, it's easy to get their attention. the more i sing and dance (thank GOD i live alone and don't have neighbors!!!), the more playful my dogs get. they have almost come to enjoy storms instead of cowering behind a chair or trying to both crawl up in my lap. a total of 340# of dog doesn't fit me so well. having them happily anticipating the thunder/treat routine has made storms a pretty blah thing around here. it's actually kinda fun, even if i have to listen to my horrible singing voice!!

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If my new dog was disturbed by the fireworks, it would be obvious, right? I've been watching, and not seeing that it bothers him too much, but want to be prepared if there is an issue.

Actually I'm a lot more nervous about the chickens! There is one that is really bothered by fireworks. She wiggs out, then the others start picking on her. The year before last, this turned into a real ordeal--I had to paint her head twice a day to keep them from picking her to death. Then I had to separate out the most aggressive hen, this went on for a month! Really tired of the 4th at this point. Wish it would just rain.

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I always think that a smallish startled reaction to a big boom is one thing, but if your new dog whines or pants or paces or hides, that's thunderstorm anxiety.

Can you not separate the hen before/during the storm, before she gets pecked?

Poor girl, you might check with a livestock or avian vet & see what you can give her.

There was a woman on tv this morning who gives her dogs Benedril, but you'd need to get your vet to tell you what dosage.

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Right now Roxanne (the sensitive hen) is just sitting in the corner of the run acting depressed. So I will continue to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately if I separated her out, it would be extremely stressful for her to not be "with the flock". She is still eating treats I give her, and not getting too picked on yet, so things are "okay" at this point.

I wish there was some kind of sedative that I could give her, but birds are very sensitive to those meds. If we can get through the next few hours without pecking, I think she will be okay.

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If she's sitting in the corner looking depressed, it's likely because she's with, not "her flock", but with a bunch of thugs & muggers.

Please get her out of that dangerous environment before they kill her, because they will.

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