Need advice on kitchen sink and faucet

a.girl.named.maxMarch 24, 2011

Cross posting from kitchen forum.

I've seen similar requests but I can't find the links. I used GW advice for my bathroom reno, new furnace, AC, and water heater. The advice was great! Now I'm tackling a budget kitchen remodel. The cabinets have been ordered and should be here in less than 3 weeks! I have to find a new sink and faucet before the cabinets arrive.

Kitchen Faucet.

I need an affordable kitchen faucet. I would like a single handle, pull-out faucet. I'd rather have the handle on the back of the faucet and not on the side. I'd also like a soap dispenser or is that something I can add later?

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink.

I need an affordable 33" double basin, topmount, 18 gauge or better, stainless steel sink that is approximately 8" deep. I don't care for the look of Ticor. How many holes will the sink need in order to accomodate the faucet I mentioned above?

I need your advice on brands/models and where to purchase.

Thank you so much, Max

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The kitchen guys talk alot about this stuff. You might want to try there.

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2 holes or 4 holes. How about a Delta Palo since they're simple to repair. The last hole is for the soap dispenser.

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I would suggest a Ticor sink from galaxy tool supply. The value is excellent, good range of styles and everyone who has them likes them.Remember that the lower the gauge on a ss sink, the thicker the steel. I prefer 16 gauge.

Would also recommend a pull-down faucet. Kohler Simplice is an excellent choice. Grohe Minta is more modern style but also well regarded. Some like the Delta touch faucets but those are in the higher range. "Affordable" can be a relative term.

I had 2 soap dispensers and hated them. There was a thread recently on the kitchen forum about them. I seem to be in the minority. I much prefer the Simplehuman sensor countertop dispenser I recently purchased on Amazon. If I had space for another sink hole 'd use it for undersink filtered water. Another game changer that let me stop buying the bottles.

But again, these are preferences.

Best to decide how many holes you will need for faucet plus whatever in advance -- but that depends on the type of sink you purchase and the type of counter. I personally would get an undermounted sink, budget permitting. Then they can drill the number of holes you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ticor sinks

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