How to move Hansgrohe Talis S faucet handle to the front?

enduringMarch 5, 2013

How do I move my Hansgrohe Talis S sink handle 90 degrees, from the side around to the front. I want the handle to hang over the sink basin. I know others have done this.

I took the spout off of the base and can see the swivel restrictor that keeps the swivel at 150 degrees. I would imagine that this would need to be moved 90 degrees to maintain the same swivel range, related to the handle.

My faucet is not installed yet. The model number is 04310001, Hansgrohe Talis S.


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Well no one responded to this post evidently :) as I found this on my google search to report on my faucet installation tonight. I said "this person has the same issue as I had...oh it's my post"

At the time of the post in March, I looked at the insides of the faucet and suspected that I could make it work But didn't want to report on the possibility until I actually did the procedure.

Fast forward to tonight. I had the plumber cut the restrictor off with care. I told him I would take responsibility. We put the faucet back together and I have a 360 degree turning faucet. For safety of the flexible water line we removed that before cutting.

So all you folks who want to mount their handles in front, over the sink, on the Hansgrohe 150degree turning faucets, you can do what I did. So far so good.

I meant to take pictures but I was too busy holding the faucet while the plumber was cutting.

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Excellent tip, thanks for sharing! Future googlers thank you, too :)

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I wish your faucet good luck an good health Enduring!

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You guys are SO inspirational!!! and kind!!! I know, big words for a small little tiny thread, but I mean it.

Thanks Iowa for the well wishes, good to hear from you again :) And Kksmama, you are thanking the future, how cool is that!

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