Meghane, need food recommendation, please

laurief_gwJuly 10, 2010

Hi Meg,

I am trying to find a source for a homemade diet for a cat with a history of calcium oxalate urinary stone formation. I seem to remember you posting a link some time back to a veterinary nutritionist who creates such custom diets. Did you post a link like that, or have I gotten you confused with someone else? If you do know of a source for custom veterinary diets, would you please post the link again?

The cat in question belongs to a friend whose vet has recommended C/D kibble (which I always thought was formulated to discourage struvite formation, not oxalate). This cat is apparently a very stubborn kibblehead who refuses any canned foods, but we're hoping he might be willing to convert to a homemade diet. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a more species-inappropriate ingredient list than that of C/D kibble, so the idea of feeding that to this cat seems counterproductive, to say the least.

Anyway, if you can provide any guidance to point us in the direction of a suitable homemade diet for this boy, it would be much appreciated.


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Hi Laurie,
The site you are looking for is You will need to have the vet order the diet since it will be for a specific medical problem. It is run by veterinary nutritionists from UC Davis Vet School.

C/D is now designed for both struvite and oxalate stones. It works on a different concept than pH like the old C/D, but I can't really describe it well without the actual literature in front of me. One of those things I grasp better than I can explain. I can get back to you on that.

I agree with you on the science diet thing. I've only ever prescribed 2 of their diets- l/d for a couple dogs in liver failure, and s/d for a couple dogs with struvite stones (to dissolve them, not prevent them). Never actually suggested any science diet to a cat for any reason. Weird, eh?

I hope your cat is doing well and takes to your hard work in the kitchen.

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Hi Meg,

Thank you so much for your response. I thought BalanceIt might be the one you had used in the past, but I just wasn't certain. I'll have my friend look into it now.

I am glad to know that my memory isn't completely shot. I was certain that C/D was formulated exclusively for struvite management, which apparently used to be the case with the old formula. I would very much appreciate any further explanation you may be able to provide regarding the mechanism by which the current C/D formulation is effective at preventing oxalate formation.

Again, I appreciate your insights and information. There's not much out there in the way of dietary recommendations for oxalate stones other than Hill's C/D or the Royal Canin equivalent, and there MUST be something better that can get the same job done.


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I'll look it up tomorrow. I took most of my books to work and now I'm home, finally (don't ask).

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Haven't forgotten you Laurie, just got caught up in a few difficult cases including euthanizing one of my favorite patients. Will get on this though!

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