Is there a checklist for Kitchen Remodel?

kathy77March 9, 2014

I'm just in the thinking stage of planning a kitchen remodel project. My kitchen is really small, and my options are limited, so layout and "design" isn't that much of an issue. But of course I want to make sure the job gets done well. Other than the obvious things, like make sure to thoroughly vet the company, is there a checklist of things to look out for?
After your project was done, what did you wish you thought of ahead of time?

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There's another current post "What are the critical days to be present during a remodel" that will give you some ideas of things to think about in the planning stage. There's another current one called "What's your oops" that would also be helpful.

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I'm also interested in feedback on this. DH and I went back & forth over timing for refinishing the wood floors. Do it first & cover the floor while we paint/replace cabinets, install new vent/appliances (we're keeping the same footprint) or do everything else, then finish the floors. I thought the latter, but DH argued that all the dust from floor work would mess up the new, or newly refinished cabinetry. And the best answer is...?

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Our floors went in first & were then covered (still partially covered) until everything was done. We had a few tiny dents when they were uncovered but our floor is walnut & softer than many wood species.

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amck - our floors were done first. And we covered them with rosin paper and hardboard. Which would have worked well...except that our GC pulled those things back when working on an area and instead of vacuuming well before putting the rosin paper and hardboard back over, they left the bits and pieces underneath. So, we wound up with pieces of copper from some of the wiring, etc. under there and getting ground in a bit. Yeah, lovely. Who would have thought they would do that?

Anyway, our flooring guys are coming back to put our final coat on after everything is done and we're hoping there's a bit that they can do about the gouges and scratches from the GC. Having had this issue, I would still do floors first...I'd just make sure that the guys working would be a little more cautious...well, we've tried drilling that into them too and that hasn't worked so great, so who knows if specifically telling them that they should vacuum before putting the hardboard back over in an area would have actually sunk in.

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After spending too much time looking at different cabinet companies, realized may have been easier to decide which was more important to me - door style or stain/color.

Once I realized (for me) it was stain/color, it was easy to rule out options. (For example, love Fieldstone cabinet construction - unfortunately, don't like any of the colors.)

Overheard a KD telling a customer to pick the company first, then the door & color - this is what I was doing and it added way too much time to my selection process.

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Thanks for the feedback regarding timing for floors. Seems a minor remodel is more difficult than building. Reminds me of sewing - I 'd rather sew something from scratch than make alterations.

Mdln, great tip re cabinets.

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