Dual-Flush Toilet

olivertwistkitchenMarch 10, 2013

Cross-post from BR forum.

Thinking about a dual flush toilet for our powder room.
I haven't seen any posts on them here in a while and wondering people's thoughts.
Considering Kohler Saile or Toto Aquia or Toto Aquia II, but open to suggestions, including being talked out of it.

Additional Q's:

-How do you know which 1/2 of the button is which? Are they labeled? (They should be labeled #1 and #2).

-How will my GUESTS know? Will I need to hang up a sign with instructions in there?

-If the flush button is on top of the toilet, where do I put the box of tissues? There isn't room on the bathroom vanity.

-Does "stuff" go down in this toilet or get stuck?

-I read that it's easier to get streak marks. True?

-Are you happy with this toilet???

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The Toto Aquia is a very nice, comfortable toilet.

It was originally made to work in a quick replacement commercial environment so the flange adaptor installation is fairly unique and permanently attaches to the floor. This will makes things more complicated if you later wish to go back to an older style toilet.

The two buttons are simply over ridden by pushing down and holding them down which a person not familiar with the system would usually do.

There is little water in the bowl and a premium on bombing accuracy and pre positioning of toilet paper. It is a toilet best suited to exclusive ensuite private use by adult married couples in North America.

Given your space requirements, best to get something more conventional.

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"ensuite private use...." ?

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Buzz Off

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Well done, latt2. I didn't understand your comment - given your attitude, I now don't want to.

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