Tub suggestion for our installation

jett254March 25, 2014

We are re-doing a hall bathroom and having trouble finding the right tub for our installation:

1. We need a 60x30 tub to fit the space
2. Tub will be installed against 2 walls so a corner installation
3. The other two walls will have custom wainscoting wood paneling built around the tub with a marble surround on top (not sure if marble surround will go on all 4 sides or just the two sides)
4. The tub is also a shower (shower trim on the short wall) - so we will be having a frameless shower door sit on top of the marble surround

The issue seems to be that we need an undermount type tub, no apron and tile flange on two sides -- I don't really understand but that is what I was told. Went to Ferguson and was told that the only tub that meets our needs is the MTI Bath Andrea 15 -- can be ordered with custom tile flange - but it is really expensive. Do I have other options.

Picture included of what I'm trying to do look-wise.

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You are being led astray.
Find a standard tub you like. pull up and view the PDF.
Almost universally, tubs without an apron, can all be installed as pictured.
When you have a defined space, either you can or not, install what you want, however, you cannot violate specific space requirements of the code in doing so.

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Standard tub has three flanges. Sounds like they may need a corner tub that's flanged on two sides.

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Essentially, you need a flat rim tub.
The basic difference is how they are installed.
While an other than cast iron usually set in some sort of mortar bed, a cast iron will set on legs.

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I think the main issues are:

1. Undermountable tub
2. Corner install so tile flange on two sides - I've read that integral flange is better vs. field installed flange for long term protection against leaks
3. To be used as tub and shower
4. 60x30
5. No apron

From my current research, it seems like the Andrea 15 from MTI does meet my above criteria, and that there may be an Americh tub and potentially a Hydro tub that also meet the criteria. The Kohler tub doesn't have a field install tile flange kit and can't be custom ordered with tile flange on two sides.

If anyone knows other options, please let me know! Thanks!

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Integral flange is definitely better, but you can properly install a tile surround on a flangeless tub if you seat the cement board in a bead of Kerdi-fix or equivalent (not just a bead of standard latex caulk) so that the board is stuck to the tub with a waterproof bead. The tub will need to be installed in a good, solid mortar bed to ensure it will not be moving with the additional weight of water + person while in use to prevent losing the seal between the tub and the cement board.

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