Dog arrested

sunshinesJuly 8, 2009

Dog arrested for eating owner's rent

Last week a woman was arrested for stealing money from her ex-husband's bank account because her dog ate her checkbook. A man in Kenya has one-upped her. Robert Njeru, 25, says that his dog ate his rent money. Njeru says he went to work with the money on his bed, but that the dog shredded the $40 while he was gone. That's not the stupid part. Njeru then took the dog to the local police station and demanded the dog be arrested. Well, that will never happen, right? It did after Njeru slipped the officer a little something for the trouble. And by little something, we're talking the equivalent of 65 cents. When the chief found out, the officer was fired, and the dog returned to Njeru. The dog is now for sale, with an asking price of 26 cents.

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NO accounting for human stupidity

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How many bones needed to be posted for the bail?

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In Canada, if you can present more than half of a bank note at a bank, you can get credit for the entire value. My friend, who works for a bank, says she has no choice to accept the pieces, even if they have been through a dog. But she prefers if they are encased in zip-lock baggies upon presentation....

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ewwww. I once had a dog demolish a book I had borrowed from our library. I took it back in pieces with the offer to pay for a new one. The librarian looked at the title, and told me no charge, they had a fund for such things. The title was "How to train your Dog". LOL

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The same thing happened to me. My greyhound Ruby ate a dog training book from the library but it cost me $25.

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