Whitehaus 18-30 Duet Farmhouse Sink

essexgirl164March 10, 2011

I am currently comparing the Whitehaus 1830 Duet farmhouse sink to the Rohl Shaws 1830. As well as being considerably cheaper on many online sites, I like that it is reversible, so you can choose which end to have the drain opening.

Anyone have the Whitehaus installed? Had any problems with it?

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Watch your color choice if you are getting anything other than white. We ordered a "blue" farmhouse sink from Whitehaus that was not returnable. It was a beautiful sink, but purple. If you are getting the white, never mind. It was a beautiful sink, other than the purple-ness.

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We installed a massive single bowl Whitehaus sink in our kitchen a few years ago, and I love, love, love it. BTW, I would never go back to a double bowl after having the really large single.

I did drop a heavy, oversized bowl on the corner of the sink a while back. Bowl shattered, and because of the way it hit, I ended up with a 2" crack in the sink on the corner, but have learned to love it as part of the "distressed" look of my kitchen. (It certainly distressed ME at the time!) Otherwise, after three or four years, we have had no problem with finish, staining, etc on our white Whitehaus sink.

BTW, after using special cleaner for a while, discovered that plain baking soda is far and away the best cleaner for our white sink. It's gentle, chep, and even gets up the occasional cast iron skillet oops stain when I forget to finish the dishes.

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Circus Peanut

I adore my Whitehaus 501. It has one small chip from a clumsy bang with a cast-iron pan, but is otherwise just swell after 2.5 years. We use Barkeeper's Friend to clean and brighten it.

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Thanks everyone, VintageTub.com have it in white for $569.95 at the moment, with free shipping. Seems like a good buy. I think after your comments, I would invest in the sink grid to protect the bottom.

Would 2 people be able to lift the sink into place?

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I have a white Whitehaus 18x30 Love it! Will never have a two bowl again. Check your sink price at bluebath.com

I use baking soda, too. Actually, I use it on everything. Cleans my stove top in a flash and doesn't scratch.

Here is a link that might be useful: check the price here

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Hi Essex,
I bought my WH1830 at vintage tub as well. It's only been installed 3 weeks, but so far love it. I ordered the Rohl grid for the sink since I'd read some negs on the SS one. It's a tad smaller, but works fine for me.

I fussed over the webs delivery notes on delivery at the street since I'm the only one here, but the actual delivering company said they would dolly it inside for me. It does take two to move it in place.

You will love your new sink!

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Essex, have you ordered your sink yet? I found it at QualityBath.com for $575. Plus, they always have a weekend sale and take an additional 5% off. I ordered mine last Sunday and it came on Wednesday-free shipping. It came via FedEx extremely well packed and the delivery guy left it just inside my front door since I was home alone. The website is "closed" every Saturday until after sundown(today 7pm), so you won't be able check it out til then.

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glad i found this - i'm likely ordering this sink this week from vintage tub and bath. what faucets did you all get with it? i like the bridge but with more of a swan neck.

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Just to give everyone a heads up, vintage tub and bath is having a sale on the sink until midnight today, only 499.99 with free shipping. I'm going bath and forth about buying or not. . .only have until midnight!!

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puppeez, can you tell me if the rohl grid is a good fit or not in the Whitehaus sink? I like the lattice pattern of the rohl grid better than the whitehaus one but I don't have a garbage disposal so I need the drain hole to line up. . .will that happen or even be close?

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Can those of you who have the Whitehaus sinks tell if the sides are 'hollow'? One of the reviews on one of the sites said that the bottom is solid, but the sides are hollow, and when granite was installed, the sink broke. They did send out a new one, but that sounds crazy!
I'm waffling between this and the Shaw's one in a single 36" size...for $350 more...anyone think that the Shaw's is worth 50% increase over the Whitehaus? How about resale value, of having the little blue Shaw's stamp on the sink?

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