I found best dog shampoo

moondancer13July 12, 2009

I have a 100 lb dog who loves to roll in dirt. So , needless to say, I have to bathe him about once a week as he stays in the house. I dont like to use chemical filled shampoos as they are not good for him. so I tried a shampoo bar by haileys dragonfly garden (just google them) and I love it. He smells great, he is clean and it doesnt dry out his skin.

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I love finding great products, and I like it when they stay on the market. Nothing worse than finding a good new product only to have it discontinued or pulled for some other reason.
I use Buddy Wash and Buddy RInse (shampoo and conditioner) Makes my pup smell like lavender. And he also likes to take dirt baths.

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I know this isn't for dogs, but I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo on my Miniature Australian Shepherds (they have heavy coats with thick undercoats). It has the advantage of not causing any 'tearing' if it accidently gets in their eyes, it rinses out easily, and leaves them smelling clean. And during the summer, my two need frequent bathes as well! Besides that, it's gentle on their skin, and it's relatively cheap. MacThayer

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i have a bichon and havanese and both have allergy issues.the expensive dog shampoo i bought from the vet didn't help .i know baby shampoo isn't for dogs but the johnson &johnson's baby oatmeal wash which is tear free works well ralfsmom

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