Most comfortable portable dog bed

ms_minnamouseJuly 21, 2011

What is the most comfortable travel dog bed? By comfortable, I mean it provides a lot of cushioning for a dog that may have arthritis. By travel, I mean one of those beds that either comes in a bag, or in a roll, or that I'd be able to sew velcro on and roll it up to make my own bed roll?

While I need it to be all those things, I still need to be able to carry this around with me almost everywhere I go. I can't schlep around a mattress!

Thanks for suggestions.

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How big is your dog?

I have a bed that has both memory foam and orthopedic foam in it, but is only about 1.5" thick. I roll it up like a yoga mat and take it with us. It's really too thick to fold though. Layla (Aussie Mix) likes to stretch out when she sleeps, so the resulting rolled tube is still fairly big, although it is small enough so you could sew a strap on it to sling it over your back like a quiver :)

For us, it was a good compromise between cushioning and portability.

For a smaller dog, you will have a lot more options.

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She's a 42 lbs small standard poodle. Not Moyen but small standard.

What bed do you have?

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My parent's 13yr old lab has arthritis, they have an orthopedic bed with memory foam at the house and for travel, they have an orthopedic inflatable pet air bed that comes with a soft cover.

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Thank you for the suggestion but I can't inflate a bed everywhere I bring her.

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I use comforters from Goodwill....they fit in a duffel bag and are easy to wash. I can fit 3 in a duffel bag....

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I had a down comforter for my old girl. It was fluffy and apparently comfortable. Could be folded or wadded up into shape wherever a bed was needed. Down really packs down small to store or tote, and it's lightweight.

Hers was a smaller than average comforter that I found at a thrift store- looked like it had never been used. We laundered it every 7-10 days without any issues.

A few years ago we bought a twin sized down comforter at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which has become the community blanket in the living room. It was their "any size for $100" brand. It washes fantastically (and often between coffee and chocolate ice cream). We used one of their 20% off coupons to bring it to $80+ tax-- might be kind of expensive, but it is rather nice as well.

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Check out Molly Mutts. The duvet covers are sturdy, heavy weight canvas. I've had mine for two years and they still look great after tons of washing. You can stuff them with soft puffy down comforters that can be rolled tightly for travel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Molly Mutt

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Those dog duvets are really cute, but the company has made a big mistake in not including the dimensions of each duvet on their website.

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If you click on any of the duvets you will see a link called " size chart".

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I ended up buying a portable dog bed and after a few washings and the filling compacts, I'm going to un-stitch it and fill it with small cell foam so it's dense but provides enough cushion.

I appreciate all the suggestions.

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