Garbage Disposal Recommendations

ritaotayMarch 12, 2011

Years ago, more than 30, I had a 1/2 hp ISE, it worked great for many years then the motor froze... I replaced it with a 3/4 hp ISE Badger 5 Plus, big mistake!

In less than 5 years I started having problems... One time the drain clogged and the trap was packed tight with one inch pieces of potato skins... Since then I have to run it for at least 3 minutes to grind up the peelings from 4 russet potatoes and sometimes I have to run it twice because the water won't go down... ( Yes, I have had the drain snaked out. ) Besides all that it has a thick coating of rust on the bottom, inside.

I want it replaced... Any recommendations on a garbage disposal that will grind up vegetable peelings smaller than one inch and last more than 7 years?


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That badger line is a more competitive line. I don't know if it was some deal with the large retail store or what, but I always steer customers in a different direction.

Insinkerator offers a PRO C/C (cover control), at least it used to be PRO may be called evolution c/c now, which will outperform the badger. It will have a better warranty etc.

The badger should have some warranty on it, depending on the age I would reach out to insinkerator and see what they say. Maybe you can work something out, like paying the difference for the pro/evolution c/c.

Here is a link that might be useful: Insinkerator disposers

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Kitchen Aid, 1 horsepower, stainless grinding chamber.
They are pricey (over $300) but quiet and last a long time.

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