heavy duty/commercial faucet?

pearlbegoniaMarch 29, 2012

What is meant when a faucet is called heavy

duty or commercial? Are they better/longer lasting/more trouble free?

for example:




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If you are wondering if those two faucetts are interchangeable the answer is no....

The first one is a commercial sink faucett while the second one is a lavatory faucett. The is a substantial difference in the volume of flow and if you were to put the commercial sink faucett on your lavatory it would overwhelm the drain.

Now if you are comparing Commercial Faucetts to Residential Grade faucetts that is another thing entirely.

Primarily residential faucetts have more aestetics and eye candy, but more often than not the actual internal working components may be light weight brass castings or plastics, whereas Commercial Faucetts are made to hold up to the harsh environment of large restaurants or institutional kitchens.

On commercial faucetts the emphasis is on durability. Aestetically they offer very basic form & function, but the mixer bodies are heavy weight brass castings and the spouts are cast brass, heavy wall brass tubing or in some instances brass pipe that is formed and plated for finish. Instead of having the proprietary design internal plastic cartridges to regulate water flow as are common to residential grade faucetts, most commercial faucetts still use the old Stem & seat valves which can quickly and easily be repaired with basic Bibb Washers and seats, which most plumbers carry on there service truck.

The question then comes down to which do you want? You can have the latest fad designer appearance (residential) which will probably be out of style in 5 to 10 years or you can have a plane hard working faucett that will last 20 to 30 years in a school or hospital kitchen and no doubt the rest of your life in a residential kitchen.

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To that last sentence: though you will be changing out washers that will fail over time.

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Thanks for the replies. They are very helpful. I'm thinking about a tub faucet here, for a claw foot tub, not a sink. So is there any reason why the commercial faucet would not be appropriate?

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