GeorgysmomMarch 18, 2013

I thought it was a good start to the season. It should be fun to watch the contestants as they improve. I think they have some pretty good dancers this season. Loved the boxer....thought he was charming and what a life story. I hope Andy Dick gets to stay around a few weeks. I never really liked him but then again, most of the time it was the drugs speaking. I thought he was pretty humble tonight.

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I was not impressed. It looked like amateur hour. I know they will improve, but compared to two seasons ago when Donald Driver won, this was horrible. I thought Kelli Pickler did a great job and I really like her because of all the time she puts into entertaining the troops overseas. Her dance partner, Derek, is like an irritating fly. He needs some xanax.

I thought Lisa from BH housewives did better than I expected and she is really very funny. Lose the dog, though. I know Giggy never leaves her side, but seriously? Not on a dance show.

Wynnona was embarrassing. The "sexy" looks she was giving the judges during their critique were over the top and I couldn't help thinking she looks like a Las Vegas tranny. Hopefully she will last long enough to lose some weight.

I wish Andy Dick success with his sobriety, but terrible dancing.

Jocoby was awful, and really thinks highly of himself. Irritating personality.

Zendaya was great, but I have no idea who she is.

That's all I can remember now. Thank goodness they will all improve.

Oh, and I almost didn't recognize Cheryl. Awful hair and she looks pudgy.

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I don't like it when they start off too good. Usually when that happens they don't improve that much. To me, that's the fun part.....watching who improves the most. I think Hugely will be the first to go. Then Lisa (the dog will be her downfall) then Dick. Wynona should be around longer than one wants because she probably has a big following. I thought Jocoby was fun to watch regardless of whether or not his dance had anything to do with the cha cha cha and we all know he'll be around until the end no matter what his dancing just because he's a football player.

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I didn't see the whole show, but I agree with Sleeperblues on Kellie Pickler, Wynonna, and Zendaya. I really wanted Kellie to do well, and she exceeded my expectations. Never heard of Zendaya, but wow!

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I too thought Kellie did well. She is so cute and genuine.

I was also impressed with Lisa and yes, I agree it's time to hand Jiggy back to Ken. Does that dog ever walk lol

I missed most of the show, so can't comment on the others.

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I'm not usually a fan but I watched and enjoyed most of it. I like that they start out green. Andy was funny and sweet. I thought Wynona did a pretty good job and she'll improve. Kelly and that young 16 year old were the best imo. Oh I forgot Dorothy Hammill, that was lovely but she has years of experiencing dancing on ice. I may watch it to the end, who knows.

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This was my first time watching the show... I thought Kelli and the 16 year old did good, but the rest that I watched (missed the last 3) were pretty horrible. I'm used to watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and I guess I expected better dancing. I'm sure the contestants will improve... hope so anyhow. lol

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No offence but I don't see how Tony is ever going to be able to do any lifts with Wynonna. I hope the dancing helps her slim down like it did for Kristie Alley.

your resident DJ

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Zendaya is a co-star of a Disney show called "Shake It Up".
The show is about a teen dance show. Not hard to see why she's very good! Our 7 year old granddaughter loves that show so we watch it alot! lol

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