luvmytoomsJuly 16, 2009

Hey anyone around here have reptiles? I have a few. My husband has more traditional animals but I have 1 red footed tortoise, 1 ball python, 1 african fat tail, 2 leopard geckos, and one bearded dragon. I just got the leopard gecko and wouldn't mind talking to a fellow gecko-owner about some things.

For those of you that don't, what do you think of reptiles?

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love em, use to live with the wild geckos in Hawaii, but dont own em sorry

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Reptiles, specifically a green iguana named LeeZard, inspired me to become a vet. She was sick and the "exotic" animal vets wouldn't see lizards. Once I found one, she wasn't sympathetic, nice, or really that good, and I decided I could do better, and according to my clients I have.

Right now I am sadly without a reptile. In the past I have had 2 green iguanas, an eastern box turtle, a garter snake, a ball python, and a gold dust day gecko.

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i used to have a southern painted turtle I found on the road in georgia and he was a wonderful amusing pet who knew me. a ball's python would be great, they are so calm and soft as butter.

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I used to have an albino king snake which was a wonderful pet who died at about age 17. Now I have a leopard gecko. I like this website:

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