E faucets are crooks. Uncoated polished brass faucet. e

ellie45March 3, 2013

I made an awful mistake and am naming names!!!

I bought 2 faucets from efaucets before I looked up their reputation. They are horrible. Pages of complaints. I am sick that those reviews did not shut the, down.

I bought a fairly expensive Newport polished solid brass bathroom faucet. It is uncoated as i found the N at the end of the number means natural. Everytime I wash my hands, my faucet set leaves spots and the enclosed literature sez it will turn dark and verdigris. Asked plumber if there was any thing i could spray or wax on it-and knew nothing. Sending it back is not a good option even though the stopper was bent.

Read below.

I returned the other efaucet and followed the directions perfectly and purchased a $5 new box with a removable sticky label and a receipt of delivery. If you do not have removeable sticky label they dont have to accept it. I got a receipt from the post office. There is also a 15%'restocking fee. It arrived in their warehouse January 7. I waited a week and called customer service and they said I should call back February 21st. it took them 6 weeks to deliver my polished because " they were making it for me now." They took the money out day of order over the phone. . Now they have had my returned faucet for 2
Months and they argue that the paperwork still has not gotten to the credit dept. They have had $ 1,000 for 21/2 months just as every fricken review has said. Customer service has no mercy. They said that is our policy. Yes, I am stuck but I have warned you. Is this America?

My question is also can I preserve this faucet in any way. . I Used Brasso on it after I wash my hands What a bad company can for for my morale and savings. Spread the word about the company. I should have used local shops.

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If you use a charge card you have 60 days to contest the charge AFTER it has appeared on your bill.

One of the reasons I refuse to allow CC companies to send electronic bills.

the clock starts when you receive the bill with the item on it.

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