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shutupyJuly 5, 2012

Hello, I have a year and a half old dogo argentino. Yes the large white Argentinian Mastiff! He has been scratching himself relentlessly for quite some time and when on antibiotics, it seems to only relieve it temporarily. I remember when we first gave ivermectin from the vet as tablet form, that it definately cleared up the problem. my question now is, And Im Aware, where can i get the oral form online and in what percent solution? Also how much would I give, as the dog weighs about 100 pounds. Thanks very much.

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What was your dog's diagnosis? Have you taken him back to the vet since the itching started again? Ivermectin isn't an antibiotic, it kills worms, mange, heartworms, etc. Have you tried a diet change? If he's white, white dogs frequently have skin problems and need a special diet, and need to stay out of the sun. Lots of things can make them itchy, and you may want to look at other things before dosing him with ivermectin. Diet is frequently a culprit, especially cheaper foods that have corn and other grains. Your vet may not be aware of this, a lot of them aren't. Grains are bad allergens. I use ivermectin for heartworm prevention in my dogs, and know that it's used for mange also, but it shouldn't be used unless you know it's the only solution, and I'll bet you can solve the problem another way.

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Hey thanks for the follow up eahamel.
I am aware of the food allergies and have switched many foods ultimately switching to a low card high protein diet to take out foods that feed on yeast. Diet is a key factor, you're right but, the symptoms have disappeared for a much longer time when on ivermectin, then they did when on antibiotics such as clavamox or cephalosporins or even a cortisone injection as the results of these were temporary relief. So I would like to start giving the ivermectin and staying steady with the food wich is called EVO, too see what happens. any input on dosage and where to buy would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like you're working on it. I got my ivermectin from a dealer on amazon.com. It's Noromoectin, by Norbrook, and is a 1% solution. For heartworms, you use 1 ml for every 10 lbs. I have no idea what to use for your dog's problem, though. You can do a search on amazon or google or bing and see what comes up, there are various prices for the same thing, depending upon the seller.

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that should be one tenth of a ml 1/10 per 10 pounds as shown is over dose

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