Frontline Plus vs Advantix

lily316July 15, 2012

I am about to order some flea stuff online. I have always used Frontline plus on dogs and cats , even though they are kept indoors. I am noticing Frontline is seeming to be less affective. What do you use and are you happy with the results?

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effective for fleas... or ticks? both are equally effective for fleas, though the kill times are bit different (the imdacloprid in Advantage/Advantix is a bit faster than the Fipronil in Frontline)... but for ticks, it seems the Advantix is a bet better (though the frontline spray is way better than the frontline spot on).

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Thanks..I don't seem to have a tick problem, but in the last week , fleas. The dogs were frontlined two weeks ago and I just ordered more for all of them. It's what my vet recommends but I don't buy from him. I go to Canada like the seniors do for their drugs. Way cheaper and good service and free shipping.

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I went to amazon a couple of weeks ago to compare these 2 products. There were lots of different entries for each product. Different sellers I guess. The feeling I came away with after reading only the one star reviews was that many people's dogs had adverse reactions- some very severe- to advantix. It seems that this was the primary complaint from people that were very dissatisfied. For the people very dissatisfied with frontline (ie one star), the main complaint seemed to be the ineffectiveness or false advertising by that particular seller. I decided at that time that I would never use advantix on any of my pets. You should do more research and see if you come to the same conclusion. I know from personal experience that adverse reactions can lead to very hefty vet bills.

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I don't use Frontline. I used to but my dogs still had fleas. Someone told me it kills fleas after they bite, but Advantage kills them before they bite. I switched to Advantage and my dog's hot spots cleared up and she quit scratching.

I've got a problem with ticks for the first time, and can tell you that Advantix does NOT kill them. That's what I found, and my vet told me that, too, when I went to him looking for something better. I got the Preventix collar and it takes care of both ticks and fleas, and lasts longer than the liquids that you put on the dogs. My vet recommends it over anything else. I'm going to order some, and found that Foster & Smith has about the cheapest price I can find.

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For some reason my vet doesn't like Avantix. He probably gets a kickback from Frontline. I think that's right..the fleas have to bite before they die. I have not had a problem all summer because, although it's been horribly hot..every day over 90 since third week in June, it wasn't humid till now . They suddenly popped. Can't Frontline the dogs for two weeks, and the cats will have to wait till the shipment comes. I comb them all a few times a day. My Russian blue cat..from a feral colony so not a purebred, is the most sensitive and gets scabs on her neck. About a week ago I told her her fur was like velvet. It was gorgeous and all of a sudden , it's not and she has some scabs. I just hate summer and can't wait till it's over. All my pets stay in the AC. What kind of summer is that? The dogs are out more in the winter. Since the cats have never been outside, I don't know how they get fleas.>>BTW..the dogs also are on Sentinel.

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Lily, I've been battling fleas my cat brought home from the vet. Going on four months now but the battle is close to being won. The fleas are Frontline resistant and just WON'T die! I've been using Zodiac drops once a month and they seem to be effective. I haven't used Advantage (cats) yet but I have lots of people say it's really better than Frontline. Advantage is next if I see more (that just a couple) fleas.

I also use Zodiac spray on the cat and also purchased the home/upholstery spray. The fleas are *almost* contained. The last time I saw fleas on my cat, there were two. The spray is very effective. I also use BioSpot Defense spray (it has a nice smell). I've sprayed the entire house and he's indoors only so I'm stumped as to where they are coming from. Everyone is having a really bad year with fleas!

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I can assure you your fleas are not resistant to Frontline (unless they are from a different planet)... so far no confirmed population of fleas resistant to Fipronil... but overwhelming flea infestations are often mistaken for a product not working well. Frontline, as I stated above, is a bit slower kill, so fleas take few days to die... they do NOT, however, have to bite a dog or cat to die... just being on them with the product will kill them all... problem is it does take a few days, while Advantage takes less than 24 hours (not much less, though, so sometimes that product, too, can be presumed to be ineffective in the face of a huge outbreak). All the fleas on all these pets will die. but unfortunately they will all be replaced by new fleas (that's how flea infestations go)... so you need to work on the environments if your pets are being overwhelmed... or switch to a much faster product (like Comfortis, which kills fleas in less than an hour).

One of the reasons your vet might not like Advantix is it has pyrethrins in it, a product that has historically been shown to have flea resistance, and sometimes causes neurologic problems in small dogs, and is highly toxic to cats. I am nervous to use it myself sometimes, but it is a pretty good product if used carefully. These are also the active products in Zodiac spray (though I hope they use a 'kitty-safe' form of pyrethrum).

Preventic collars, containing Amitraz, are the single most effective product for ticks that I have used... but I was comparing Advantix to Frontline. Do not ever use a preventic collar on a cat, though.

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I would personally never buy any more Advantix. It causes a terrible reaction in my mini schnauzer. We've been using Frontline for several years and it has been controlling fleas and ticks nicely.

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I think I'll stick with Frontline. Thanks.

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