Costco Water Ridge Dual Flush -- Need reviews

smudgecat99March 10, 2010

Any more reviews on the dual flush Water Ridge toilet? Went to Costco today and they had two left and I bought one for only $88.00. Thought that was a great price for a dual flush compared to HD. Then I came home and did some research online and some good reviews and some not so good. Anyone have one in there home that could share their experience with them? I did not know that they had little water in them which one review said that it caused "streaking" and thereby, more flushing and brushing. Also said it may leave some waste in the bowl. Is this the case? I don't want to have to "brush" after #2 usage. Is it powerful enough to flush the solids? My friend has a toilet that they installed about 2 years ago that is noisy but is like a jet! Dont know what kind it is or what kind of mechanics it uses. One review above says that the MaP testing rates it a 150 out of 1000 and another says 500 out of 1000. Any current input on this would be super appreciated as I have to pay to have someone install it for me and I don't want to make a mistake. Tired of the plunger! Thanks!

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I saw those today, for $99, still a good deal, but have no idea how well they handle the "suff"!

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According to "Ask This Old House", one can buy a dual flush unit to retrofit existing toilets.

But on another note, a few months ago I installed a Kohler Wellworth from Home Depot ($120 or so) that came with the dual flush feature, though it wasn't mentioned on the box at all). It worked with a single lever (not two separate buttons). To use it, a quick handle push uses less water than when you hold the handle an extra moment. It was called "class 5 technology", but they've already improved that to "class 6 technology". Presumably it does the same thing.

The elongated bowl wellworth streaks badly, so avoid it, but the round bowl is pretty good.

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Purchased the elongated dual flush for our boys bathroom two years ago. After a year it won't stop running. It doesn't seal when filling the tank and so it just keeps running until we go in and play with it to stop it. We are not able to find parts at any local hardward store.We are at the point to take it out and put in another toilet. We also purchased a water filter from Costco. We have to order the parts each time which takes a few weeks. We are looking at replacing that as well. Costco needs to have products that have parts that are easy to find.

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Just purchased 2 duel flush toilets,one at 85.00$ the other at 144.00$,both working excellent,obviously one is a better product than the other,it is a one piece toilet. Are there any other benefits with the one piece toilet considering the big price difference?

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I purchased a WaterRidge Dual Flush from Costco in 2009 for $179.99. I replaced the seat a few weeks later with one sold by Costco, (self lowering). The one which came with was flimsey and would not support my weight, (173 lbs).
The dual flush worked well although I was concerned about parts replacememt down the road, since this flush mechanism was different from any I had seen before. I was not too excited about the push-button flush buttons located on top center of the lid. (It is a little awkward to push compared to one on the side.)
Three plus years down the road I experienced problems with the filler not shutting off all the time. If I was there to push the button a couple of times it would reset but I was concerned about my water bill if I didn't catch it.
I called the customer service number found on my paperwork, (866-789-2273). They asked me when I purchased the toilet and then took the info to send me a new fill assembly. I am paying $7 for shipping. They said it should arrive in about 2 days UPS. I will have to change out the assembly myself, but I can do that.
I do like the dual flush idea. Have had no problems with the toilet other than what I have mentioned.

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We bought this toilet last year. Truly, it's been a disappointment and a pain ever since we got it. It leaves a "landing strip" with #2, and I don't think there's even enough water or pressure to flush #1. Lately, we've had to jiggle a button to get it to fill, and yesterday it totally stopped filling! I'll never get another one of these again! Don't know if Costco will take it back after all this time.

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For those of you who are experiencing leaking water ridge toilet mechanisms, and have to jiggle the flush buttons to stop the leakage, try the solution that worked for me that I documented here:

The video of the repair is here:

Happy flushing!

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Costco are pretty amazing for their return policy. I've seen people return CRT TVs, and I don't know how long it's been since they even sold them.

Worth a try. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

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Like a lot of you, our Water Ridge toilet (M/N 690581) started leaking.after what seemed like only six months. First, it began making a noise like a fog horn and did so periodically for about three months. Then the noise stopped but instead we could hear it refilling after the water would siphon out and activate the fill valve. I called the provided number, explained our problem and was sent a replacement flush valve free of charge.
Upon removing the old flush cartridge, I observed that the gray gasket had what looked like blisters on it. Come to find out, the chlorine in our water damages the rubber gasket, causing it to leak. Replacing the gasket is the only thing needing to be done but you can't get just a gasket. After installing the new cartridge, the valve no longer leaks. However, I suspect the new gasket will also fail because of the chlorine.

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Bought 4 of these over a year ago. Flush valve on the first one failed, they sent me a replacement on month 9. Flush valve on the second toilet failed on month 13, called for replacement, customer service said shipping immediately, 2 weeks later called again, they said they were out of stock and we'd have to wait another 3 weeks. So 5 weeks of no toilet in the master bedroom? The guy I spoke to, Jay, was obnoxious and could care less. Said if that didnt work for us to take the toilet back to the store - quite rudely. A toilet installed for months? So, 50% failure rate in a year, and crappy customer service. Worth the $90 price? No.

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