How much for granite (installed) per square foot?

maryellenrMarch 26, 2010

Just got a price for $75 per square foot for granite installed. That seems so high to me, but I have never purchased granite before and have really no idea if that is a "normal" price. The color I picked out is called "Juparana Persa".

Any helpful info or advice???????

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I think I will be paying about $90.00 a sq foot or close to that depending upon what price level the granite falls in. Get at least 3 bids and make sure the fabricators are all bidding on the same slab of stone and the same edge detailing. Good Luck.
p.s: I am in the midwest and am not sure how the pricing varies by region.

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I got the same quote for Honed Virginia Mist. But I plan to check around...

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What surprised me about the cost of granite on top of the per square foot price was the extra costs of holes for the sink, the faucets, and the cutout for the stove. And usually we were quoted a higher fee for a non-stainless sink. Also for the cutout for our slide-in range, some places wanted to charge for the entire piece even though they are leaving only the small back piece.

It depends on the company, I guess. I'm in the midwest.

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Price including all cut-outs and sink was $50.93 per sq ft for Ornamental Giallo in Texas.

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I just paid about $86 per sq ft for Solarius. I did not use the cheapest local fabricator. Instead, I used the one that did the best seams because I knew I would have at least one in a very prominent place. The fabricator I used also happen to have a lot of slabs that were particularly nice.

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Doesn't sound unreasonable. Typically the material cost is only about a third of the total price due to the time and labor involved in cutting, edging, transporting and installing the granite. IMHO, if you love the granite, it's all worth it - it's pretty cool to have a piece of a mountain as your countertops!

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Get your self a Martini, Glass of Wine or a nice
bowl of popcorn. Let me explain what I have learned
from GW. Sorry for the length.

The price of stones, granite,or marble... is like
the price of a diamond. It is going to vary. Yes, there
is a mark up. There is no specific standard price
because there are fluctuating factors involved.

$75 for the granite you want is not unreasonable.

And as for $90 for Jet Mist. Right now that is a fantastic
price. Because Jet Mist is very popular. It is an
alternative to soap stone. This means those who would
only have thought of SS are now thinking..
"Maybe Jet Mist, it is cheaper and is a little harder
than SS." Now there is a larger pool of buyers. Those
who would be looking a only SS and those who want a dark
swirly granite.

Depending on where you are will depend on the price of
your stone. If you live in Italy you could get marble
cheaper than here in the US. If you lived in Brazil
you could get Blue Bahia granite far cheaper. The stones
do not have to travel across the ocean via ship, across
the country via truck to a slab yard to be cut. The shipped
again via truck to your neighborhood.

A stone in Boston might be cheaper than a stone in Kansas
City. But it depends on the stone and the availabilty.

Rocks are unique, like a diamond. A diamond starts out
as a shiny rock that has to be cut and shaped. So too does
your granite counter. There will be no other exactly like
it which can run the price up. Juparena Persa is far
more unique than a UbaTuba. Which means you could get
UbaTuba for less but it won't be as unique. I love UBatuba
so this is not a judgement. Just a fact.

I too, thought Jet Mist would be cheaper because it is
from the US but I found the availability had an effect
on the price.

Is this fair? The flexibility of how to price a stone ?

Well the granite guys need to be paid for their work and
it is a big process not just the sale of a diamond. It is
the buying, (Often from another country) transporting,
by ship or truck, the templating, (precise measurements
that a surgeon would do) cutting, delivering and
installing to perfection. You want beautiful edges,
no seams so that when you run your hand across your
counter it feels smooth. You want the granite to match
up perfectly to the backsplash wall.
You want the gorgeous honed or polished rock to shine in
your kitchen a a true piece of art.

The stone slab buyers can not just buy one slab. This means
they have to make a guess based on market. They have
to buy in bulk. A large section of the mountain and
predict how many slabs and be sure they look lovely
not with ugly patches or weak areas.

Installers need to know where the stone came from, the
quality, the source or the availability. Otherwise
they may have issues installing it. Will it crack, chip,
shatter or be destroyed and destroy your cabi,nets.

Granite installation is an art and those with talent
are worth their weight in gold. I would focus on a good
installer and then work on the price for what you can
afford. A good installer will work with you, to keep
your business but he needs to be paid for his craft.
Like a good jeweller you want your stone to have quality.

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scarcity, availabilty, and current popularity play as much a part in stone pricing as anything. Buying in volume helps contain cost some, but like anything else what's hot cost alot. If the stone you are in love with is hand quarried by abisian monks in the south of France, it is likely to be more expensive. There is a reason some granite installations look like a million bucks, somebody spent a million bucks!

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Avg of $70 sq ft around here. Expensive granites more.

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I've been quoted about $45/square foot installed for Uba Tuba, including sink and stove cutout, ogee edge. A bullnose edge would be cheaper. The price is the same for 3cm (no laminated edge) as 2cm (3/4 inch laminated edge, so 1 1/2 inch total on the edges).

Uba tuba is one of the cheapest granites, between $300 and $600/slab.

I've seen some Juparana (not Persia, but other varieties) on clearance for around $700/slab.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay area.

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I was able to negotiate and managed to get my typhoon bordeaux for $65 / square foot including sink and installation.

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This puts $60/sq. foot of Timeless Timber reclaimed wood butcherblock countertop in perspective. The salesperson was very reluctant to even make a ballpark bid until I see the product and consider the many variables.

Now that I know it's equivalent to installed moderate price rock, I know more.
(see my posting on logs from Lake Superior)

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Either stone is more expensive here or I definitely need to get a quote from someone other than the designer. It came in at $150/sq. ft for honed butterfly blue, 3cm. Perhaps honing really jacks up the cost? Dunno but I do know that butterfly blue isn't an exotic and is closer to the bottom rung price wise than the top based on the slab pricing I've seen at local stone warehouses.

btw, 2cm came in only marginally cheaper because its installation cost is higher.

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we can't even get Virginia Mist here (Portland, OR). I've asked and all I get are blank looks, even from KDs with one of the elite remod*eling firms in town.

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We are looking at Sienna Bordeaux and have gotten pricing from 4 fabricators and looked at the stones from three local stone yards and the stones from 1 fabricator (they bought in bulk to offer at a lower cost to clients).

The least expensive fabricator $67/ft(the one who owned the stones) had the least desirable slabs - stripes ran diagonally like a candy cane. We couldn't live with that. They didn't upcharge for sink/hole cutouts or edges (even ogee). The more expensive fabricators had access to the better looking slabs from the stone yards but were around $90/ft and charged extra for sink/hole cutouts and fancy edges. Even here, each stone yard had vastly different looking "Sienna Bordeaux" labeled stones.

In an earlier post, someone mentioned that it is similar to buying a diamond. I agree, except that in the diamond world, there's a standard grading system that the consumer can understand. In granite, it seems to be so ambiguous - different names for the same stone and everyone seems to have their own grade or tier. Prices vary greatly. Shop around and be sure you are pricing apples with apples and find a good fabricator.

I'm in NC.

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One thing not mentioned is that you buy the slab by the slab. Depending on the number of square feet you need and the configuration of your counters, the amount of wastage can vary a lot.

I would look for a fabricator first and hit the stone yards knowing the fab cost and how many slabs you need.

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lisa a - I got the same blank looks when I mentioned Virginia Mist, and I live in MD, very close to where it is mined. But I did some searching (with help from others here on GW) and found at least one distributor who had it, and any local fabricator can buy from them. So you may do well to call the distributors directly and ask. I would also ask about Jet Mist which I am told is another name for Virginia Mist. Good Luck!

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We are heading out in 30 minutes for our first look at granite. Is thickness a normal question? There is a local place advertising all over the radio and tv with $2000 for 55 sq ft installed with sink and faucet for Level 1. I am skeptical since our KD quoted us $3500.

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Thanks, numbersjunkie, I'll keep looking since I do like what I see of it in kit chens posted here.

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In my area 3 cm is the "norm", as opposed to 2 cm, but you should not assume anything - always ask. Also, folks around here to do not veneer slabs. I did ask each fabricator about this as I had seen a photo of veneered stone and did not like it. I was told that this is a practice in some other markets.

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Just got back from our first selection but nice enough. We didn't get the best feeling but that is why we went there first.

They quoted us $49 sq ft installed with free sink and half bullnose. I gave them my layout for an exact quote.

So far they are significantly less than our kitchen designer and lowes.

Peacock Green

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Wow. I paid $42/sq ft installed 2 years ago at my last house. I just paid $32/sq ft installed in my new house. I used New Venetian Gold and Giallo Ornamental. I know these are standard choices, but the prices I see in this post are much higher than I would expect for some of the same stone! I am also in the midwest.

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Bianco Antico, Philadelphia suburbs, $70 sq/ft, it's considered a "level 3" (might be a 4 now). This included everything. (oh wait the long ogee on the island was a bit extra). The prices at the place I went to start at $39sq/ft (for everything) for level one, and go up.

I also noticed they are running a "special" on their website, 50 sq ft, with sink, faucet, and the usual templating, etc for $1999 for a level one stone-which they have a wide variety of these stones.

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I'm in Colorado and paid $60 sq/ft for Tropic Brown w/standard rounded edging. We picked a more popular, easier to get stone so it was lower down the totem pole in terms of price.

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Beekeeperswife, would you mind sharing where you went for your granite? I'm in south jersey and about to start a remodel, and am curious about the fabricator you used.

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stapleface--I used Stone Masters in Kennett Square, PA.

I will say that they did excellent work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Masters

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I paid $34.99 sq/ft for Uba Tuba with standard rounded edege and free single bowl sink in Central/North Jersey.

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My DH had 6 fabricators price out the same reserved typhoon bordeaux slabs from the granite yard. Our prices ranged from $71/sq ft to $124 sq/ft. Same slab but different fabricators. My SIL in St. Louis had prices differ only $500 per job (same amount of granite)

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I paid $34.99 sq/ft for Uba Tuba with standard rounded edege and free single bowl sink in Central/North Jersey.

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When I was doing my granite shopping (last June) I was quoted anywhere from $70-$85 per 3cm sq ft for my Blue Pearl GT, which is a Level 4 here. I started working with an installer that would do it for $58/sq ft, and I said, "Sold!" and picked out my slab a few days later. When all was said and done, I actually had more square feet than we measured, as I did deeper counters, and I ended up getting this gorgeous rock for less per sq ft because he honored the initial contract's total bid. I was thrilled!

I am in the midwest.

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How much for granite (installed) per square foot? TOO MUCH. I have a 10 x 10 kitchen. It's U it's 30 linear feet with a 30" stove. I wanted absolute black...not one of the priciest ones....and the quote with an undermount sink was $3000.00. Truth is, as much as that price choked me, I probably would have done it but countertops come at the end...and we are at the end...and I want a new sofa and I want to pay the appliances off and not make payments for months on I had to give up the granite and I'm getting wilsonart soapstone. It defintely is a disappointment and feels like a let down on the one hand...but...on the this point...I'm glad not to have to fork it over. Seriously, it's just rock. The price is nuts. Just my rant on granite. ha.

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My Housekeeper went with the lowest bid and then the supplier brought in slabs other than the ones she chose. Those were for "display" and now her granite does not match. I just finished my kitchen and went with quartz, but my granite install prices were all about $75 for Juperana granites (I loved several from this series) for 3cm thickness. My other quotes from dealers were much higher. I used a mom & pop shop who sent me to a granite yard to pick it out. The high volume dealers were way more expensive. They had their own granite yards.

Your price sounds reasonable to me.

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I just purchased a lovely remnant of Siena Beige 61x 22, widespread offset faucet cup drills, beveled edges, backsplash, double bowl and installed for $700.00 . The color is spectacular. I hope I got a good price.

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Gosh, we paid 130.$ sq/ft. installed for Mascarello. We are S.E. Virginia. I'm not sure why, but it just seems like in the area we live in that most of our home improvement costs seem so much higher than compared to other places.

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Good for you for keeping the budget in mind. I bet the Wilsonart looks really good, even if it's not your first choice. It's hard sometimes to look at what other people on this site have done and then settle for less. We replaced floors on the first floor (including kitchen) last spring/summer, and hope to deal with appliances and countertops this year. I'm beginning to think that we, too, will have to settle for laminate countertops, instead of solid surface that I really wanted. But so far we've paid cash (or used credit card and paid off before any interest charges) for the home improvements we've been doing. Yes, I'd like to do a complete reno with all my wish list materials, but I like being virtually debt-free better (in a little under 2 years we should have the mortgage paid off early and then we will be debt-free). So, while understand the angst of giving up on something you dreamed of, I applaud your decision. It sounds like it was the right one for you.

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